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of NHS-accredited
health apps
leaking personal data
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Western Power
gets proactive with

SaaS, Analysis
& Reporting

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Council Protects
Critical Services with
BaaS & DRaaS
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Celerity Services Live On

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Reduce Risk, Protect Assets
& Improve
Public Sector Services
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Hospital Ensures Service
Reliability for Patient Care via

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How secure are your information assets,
and is your data really safe?

In Service

Celerity is a specialist IT and business consultancy based in the UK, providing value added consulting, enterprise infrastructure, cloud and managed services. With a proven record of successfully delivering IT integration and business solutions, Celerity bridges the gap between customer and IT vendors providing access to best of breed services via cloud, managed and traditional routes.

A Trusted Partner
We currently manage and secure petabytes of highly sensitive data for government, defence, health, financial, and commercial organisations globally.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It..
“Celerity is always able to listen to our needs and provides the sort of advice we have come to appreciate, providing depths of knowledge and experience we need in order to make decisions. Celerity actually listens rather than dictates what they think we want.”

ICT Project Manager, NHS

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98% Customer Satisfaction Rating
Over 750 solutions successfully delivered on time and within budget
42% Average Cost Savings
We appreciate that every client has their own needs
and faces challenges that are sometimes
specific to their market.

Our Clients
Celerity does not try to fit a customer into a template; instead we draw on our breadth, depth and many years of experience of providing unique solutions
to a diverse range of industries.

7 years