Welcome to Celerity

Celerity is a specialist IT consulting and integration company successfully delivering dynamic infrastructures and proven enterprise class solutions and services since 2002.

We combine established and proven processes, methodologies and products, developed in partnership with industry leading vendors; an innovative IT solutions provider that transforms business objectives into tangible and measurable results.

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What Happens In A Flash...

Did you know that - right now - your business could be:

  • Performing 20% MORE EFFICIENTLY
  • Doing things FASTER

You see, when you inject the IBM® FlashSystem™ family into your data center—a painless, simple, non-disruptive install—you immediately begin reaping the benefits of the world’s top business accelerator. IBM’s flash instantly unlocks the true bottleneck in your infrastructure—your storage—and empowers all the other elements of your data center to do much more.


The Right Service with the Right Balance

Of course I talk about outsourcing and the enabling of the service for the customer that meets their ...

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Celerity 'Goes Green' with a Cycle to Work Scheme

Celerity has engaged in a Cycle to Work scheme which offers a number of benefits to permanent employ ...

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