Multiple Service Contracts Tying You Up in Knots
Multiple Service Contracts Tying You Up in Knots
Posted on: 07/01/13
Multiple service contracts tying you up in knots?
 It's not unusual for organisations to have as many service contracts as they have hardware and software products.

Managing this tangle involves dealing with multiple suppliers, points of contact, start and end dates, legal requirements, pricing structures, invoices... Which can be very time consuming and costly.

There is a simple solution.

In conjunction with IBM, Celerity can replace some, or all, of your software and hardware service contracts with a single, flexible, cost effective, time-and-resource-saving solution. As you'd expect, IBM is hugely experienced in maintaining a wide range of software and hardware. So it's not surprising that more and more organisations are switching to an IBM multi-vendor service package.

And wondering how they ever managed without it.
Case Study

Here's how a High Street Bank untangled their service contracts by switching to a single contract with IBM.

A managed maintenance agreement to support IBM products established over many years led the client to be confident to add non IBM products to their contract - including critical enterprise storage products and a variety of OEM kit. This was previously manufacturer-maintained and is now maintained by IBM, allowing the bank to benefit from a single contract which incorporates hardware and software support.
  IBM can support or manage the support contracts for software and hardware from all these vendors - and more.

Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, Red Hat and Novell Linux, Oracle, Sun
IBM multi-vendor support. One easy-to-manage contract. One high level of service. One competitive price.


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