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About Celerity

We appreciate that every customer is unique and that change is a constant

Regardless of the challenge or the process, at Celerity we will never try to fit a customer into a template.

We draw upon our extensive experience and knowledge, accumulated by working with clients operating in all industry sectors, to provide value and unique solutions as a real, hands-on partner. In the minefield of regulation and compliance, protecting our clients’ interests is at the heart of everything we do and our team of experts at Celerity ensure that your business is operating within guidelines and policies. Celerity’s heritage demonstrates our commitment to developing long-term, successful relationships with all of our clients. 

We work collaboratively, ensuring that we work together efficiently and cost effectively. Our team enables you to achieve your goals whilst minimising risk and maximising capability. Celerity’s open, honest and agile approach, combined with our ability to add value through service and drive efficiencies from existing IT investments, enables Celerity to differentiate itself in the crowded managed services marketplace.


  • Privately owned & operated
  • 5 UK locations
  • Over 15 years of sustained business growth
  • Securely protecting over 3Pb of UK public data
  • Managing, monitoring, supporting & optimising critical enterprise infrastructure for government and commercial clients globally
  • Legacy - Knowledge and experience gained in the most secure, sensitive and demanding enterprise environments for government, healthcare, finance, defence & aviation


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