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Immutable Backup

Ensure recoverability of your data in the event of a ransomware attack.

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Can You Really Trust A Blackmailer To Decrypt Your Data?

Custodian Immutable Backup is designed to isolate your backup data and protect it from malware threats. It enables your organisation to recover from a cyber-attack with confidence by removing the risk of having to pay an untrustworthy cybercriminal that is holding your data to ransom.

The service is designed to deliver:

  • An immutable storage tier to ensure data is protected for a defined retention period
  • Protection against cyber threats such as ransomware
  • Protection from accidental or deliberate deletes or wipes
  • Reporting on your storage consumption
  • Flexible and elastic storage to scale as you require




Average ransomware payments
made in Q1 2021*

Average days needed for organisations to recover from ransomware*


Increase in ransomware attacks
from 2019 to 2020**


Business Outcomes


Backup data remains unchangeable to ensure your data & business operations quickly & fully recover after an attack or disaster


Removes need to pay costly ransoms or professional service costs to deal with recovery from an attack or loss of revenue


Ensure insurance policy requirements are met & maintained, & benefit from potential discounts on your premiums


Protects your business reputation & customer confidence


Industry knowledge maintains your regulatory & compliance coverage

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Wondering where
to start with air gap?

Celerity's Data Protection & Storage Technical Architect, Darren Sanders, offers up some tips and questions to ask yourself when it comes to planning for air gap backups.


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Custodian Air Gapped Immutable Backup

  • Ensures your data is completely isolated and protected from hacker encryption or deletion
  • Guarantees a clean copy of your data remains available for reliable recovery for a set period
  • Provides a ‘clean room’ vault environment that protects data, mitigates risk, and guarantees recoverability from malicious software or direct cyber-attack
  • Ensures your required service levels are met
  • Stored data located across our UK based Tier 3 datacentres
  • Integrates with Celerity's managed  backup as a Service and Cyber Security Services
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Custodian air gapped data immutability storage datasheet download | Celerity Limited
- Datasheet -

Data Immutability For Ransomware Protection

Discover how Custodian Air Gapped Data Immutability can offer a lifeline to organisations who are hit by ransomware. Be smart, be proactive and secure your data backups before cybercriminals do.

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*Coveware Marketplace Reports 2020-21
**SonicWall Threat Report 2021

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