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Celerity Director Wins Northern Financial Director Award 2019 - Leadership



Craig Aston, Celerity COO, was recognised at the Northern Finance Director Awards 2019 in Manchester last week.

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Posted by Magda Bautembach on 26-Nov-2019 12:21:15

Celerity Expands New Business Development Team

Celerity is happy to announce that we added two new starters  to the new business development team. We're joined by Sean Stuart, New Business Account Manager and Mark Prescott, New Business Development.

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Posted by David Taylor on 21-Nov-2019 15:53:54

Celerity Expands Service Desk Team

Celerity has bolstered its Service Desk Team  with the addition of Sheridan Edwards as Service Desk Analyst.

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Posted by David Taylor on 14-Nov-2019 09:40:53

Adopting A Layered Approach To Phishing

In 2019, cyber criminals are finding smarter and more integrated ways to target companies and individuals.

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Tags: Cyber Threats, Cyber Security, Cyber-Attacks, Phishing, layered approach to security

Posted by Steven Laidler on 30-Oct-2019 17:20:51

Celerity supports CIO transformation LIVE

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Posted by David Taylor on 25-Oct-2019 14:07:09