A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is an external organisation that provides outsourced security operations to its clients. It can help to eliminate the cyber security challenges and threats an organisation may face and can offer a broad suite of security capabilities and services.

By outsourcing some of the day-to-day operations such as the monitoring and management of your security environment, your team can then be released to work on more strategic projects that benefit your business.

Here are 5 reasons to help you determine if working with an MSSP is right for you.

1. Stay Ahead of Rapidly Evolving Cybersecurity Threats

Cyberattacks evolve at an extremely rapid rate, resulting in one new security threat after the other. Without the right security expertise and tools, keeping up with rapidly evolving cyber security challenges and addressing new risks and prioritising them, can take up significant resource.

If you wish to use a proactive, rather than a reactive, strategy to counter cybersecurity threats, you should consider working with an MSSP. MSSPs have Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms that collect and analyse data from various sources to offer actionable insights and the latest threat intelligence and visibility to help you reduce the risks and ensure that you recover quickly should you suffer a cyber breach.

2. Deliver Reliable Security Operations That Maximise Declining Budgets

Hiring an in-house security expert can be expensive for most businesses. Not only do cybersecurity professionals have high-ranging salaries, but businesses may also need an entire team of these experts to offer the best protection and to manage an ever-growing security technology stack.

When you work with an MSSP, you can have access to a large team of experienced and qualified security professionals at a fraction of the cost of having to set up your own in-house security team. Or, if you already have your own security team in place, an MSSP can help augment your in-house skills and resources so that there is no need to train or employ additional staff to manage new technologies as they emerge.

Many cybersecurity solutions can be multi-tenant and extremely scalable. An MSSP can use the same solution to deliver services to support multiple clients, spreading the cost of a robust security infrastructure that delivers a lower cost of ownership.

3. Enhance Business Efficiency

When you work with a managed security service provider, it can maximise the value from your investment. In-house teams are usually smaller than their managed service counterparts and often do not have the breadth of experience that an MSSP generally has.

This can lead to an internal team that's left putting out fires when it should actually be focusing on other important tasks and strategic organisational initiatives. By outsourcing cybersecurity to an MSSP, you can relieve your overburdened IT team and leverage the vast resources that an MSSP possesses saving you time by utilising the right resources, and delivering the services most appropriate for you. 

4. Automate Vulnerability Management

Ongoing vulnerability management of your environment is a vital element of a robust security posture. An MSSP can offer accurate external and internal scans across your IT network assets, web applications, databases, and hosts. Automated vulnerability scans conducted by a managed security service provider will reduce resource through a structured distributed deployment, thereby reducing costs from IT operations.

5. How do you stay on top of non-compliance?

Your organisation might be subject to a wide range of regulations. Adhering to data protection laws such as the EU’s General Data Protections Regulation (GDPR) along with industry-specific compliance challenges that face different risks, challenges, and threats, can be a minefield. A good MSSP will support you in meeting your compliance needs and help you to tailor your cybersecurity strategy to the unique risks specific to your industry. They will offer support to your company's compliance management program. This can entail automating data collection for compliance reporting, implementing the required security controls, facilitating audits and reports to regulatory authorities.

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Cyber security should facilitate rather than hinder change and innovation. Flexible, responsive, resilient, and manageable protection gives your business exactly what it needs.

At Celerity, we offer a vast range of IT managed services to ensure that your business stays safe and secure from evolving cyberattacks and allows you to sleep easy at night safe in the knowledge that your security operation is in good hands!

Tracy Ridgley

Written by Tracy Ridgley