Within the public sector, financial constraints continue to be an obvious challenge for IT departments. As well as the on-going budget pressure passed down by central government, public services remain under immense strain in many areas.

Over recent years the introduction of large-scale national IT projects aimed initially at increasing efficiency and strengthening digital security have not been managed effectively. Despite this, the demand for better information and systems is always increasing and this means that the likelihood of new, better and faster technologies being introduced remains.

In particular, the emergence of big data and cyber security issues arising from external security risks – such as terrorism – means that public sector bodies need to have systems in place to ensure their IT infrastructure remains secure and adds value.

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Introducing Data Custodian

Data Custodian is Celerity’s portfolio of data protection and storage management solutions and provides secure data optimisation and proactive backup strategies for organisations across all public sector bodies.

Here we have outlined five key ways Data Custodian can help safeguard storage management and data protection solutions for local authorities.  

Custodian Data Protection

Makes smarter use of IT resources 

Data Custodian’s Managed Services module allows customers to offload the operational management of their data protection solution onto Celerity technical resource. We understand the challenges that your organisation faces. Removing the complexity and pressure from day to day IT operations is what we do. Celerity’s team of experienced consultants deliver a range of services that ensure your environment is managed, resilient and safe from both attack and disaster.

Guaranteed access to data

Celerity’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) enable the outsourced protection of your organisation’s data assets. Custodian BaaS and DraaS solutions provide on-premise, off-premise and hybrid compute and storage infrastructure services designed to provide a managed backup and disaster recovery capability to customers with virtualised and physical MS Windows, Linux and AIX environments.

Guaranteed protection

Data Custodian from Celerity is accredited to ISO 27001, which means that it is as secure as it gets. Robust enough to be used by government defence organisations and with a successful track record in the public sector, Data Custodian is a strong yet flexible solution for your data protection and management needs. Data is protected physically, electronically and whilst in transit.

Compliance & predictable costs

Custodian provides a full suite of reporting and analytics, enabling you to have all of your required statistics at your fingertips. Customisable to specific compliance-heavy environments, seamlessly manage compliance and regulatory challenges, taking the pain away from internal teams whilst reducing workload and controlling costs. What’s more, the asset management tool helps maintain your audit readiness and compliance of software estate.

Reporting solved

Modern enterprise environments are comprised of many different storage and backup solutions that may be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both. Custodian gives backup teams the ability to monitor multi-vendor hardware environments from one console for efficient management, reporting and monitoring.

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