NHS Logo CC.pngThe UK government has announced an £86 million funding initiative to drive innovation in the NHS. These funds will be used to develop and test the latest technologies, deployed by SME’s. This will include digital technologies to allow patients to better manage their conditions from the comfort of their home, rather than having to attend regular hospital appointments, or to assist with developing new medicines.

This funding will help speed up access to new medical technology by supporting the businesses that will develop these innovations and get them out of the lab and in to practice in the NHS quicker than ever before.

The technologies previously invested in are already proving greatly beneficial to patients, such as the MyCOPD online system that helps people suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease better manage their condition. It has helped more than 32,000 patients by assisting them in improving their breathing and tracking medicine use. (GOV UK.)

Of the £86 million, £35 million will go towards the Digital Health Technology Catalyst for innovators package, allowing brand new technologies to be developed and implemented to improve NHS patient experience.

“This is a great opportunity for IT SME’s to develop leading technologies and in turn a great opportunity for the NHS to better serve their patient’s needs,” comments Craig Aston, Celerity Limited Commercial Director.

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Written by Celerity Limited