IT managers are facing huge data protection and storage management challenges as data has become the common denominator in pretty much everything that we do.


As senior IT leaders are issuing mandates across their organisation’s to simply ‘do better’ in data protection initiatives, keeping the lights on and maintaining business as usual is critical.

From reducing the complexity of the myriad of systems that are in use, to ensuring their IT infrastructure is resourced to tackle key challenges, IT managers need to adopt an agile and flexible approach to their IT management.

Most often, companies today are relying heavily on intelligent software and IT services to manage critical aspects of their client delivery. However, faced with conflicting expectations of not compromising on service levels whilst reducing operational costs, effective software licence management can be key in helping to drive down costs.

Ensuring your software is cost effective can be interpreted in a number of ways.

Having the skills and resources to efficiently managing your software environment

From a resource point of view, departments need to make smarter use of the IT resources available to them by redirecting valuable staff to more pressing tasks and strategic initiatives. Automating and outsourcing manual, time consuming operational management tasks such as licence management enables valuable employees to spend less time tackling complex contracts and ensuring compliance mandates are in check, and more time delivering value to the business.

Having a cost-effective licensing strategy that manages complex multi-vendor licence entitlements

Adopting a streamlined process which operates as one contract, one invoice and one point of contact will help provide stronger compliance and governance safeguards and can significantly contribute to a reduction in licensing and administration costs. Vendor fines can be avoided for breaching capacity entitlements to ensure your licensing costs are controlled and predictable.

We understand the challenges faced by many organisations and understand that you need flexibility in your approach to IT systems management and our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model gives you precisely that

We have numerous MSP licence agreements in place with multiple technology vendors which allows our customers to cost-effectively purchase software licensing from Celerity rather than purchasing direct from the vendor.

This form of licensing provides additional peace of mind to our customers as you are no longer liable for unexpected peaks in backup data capacity. To this end, our highly-experienced team take the management of your software licensing and the stress that goes with it out of your hands and into ours.

Surrey County Council achieved a 20% cost savings through efficient software licence management with Celerity Custodian SaaS

How Celerity has helped Surrey County Council achieve a 20% cost savings through efficient software licence management

Surrey County Council is a leading South East local authority providing education, social care, environment, transport, library, community and blue light emergency services with over 200 locations across the county and employs over 23,000 staff.

Surrey County Council needed to reduce and control operational costs whilst managing compliance.  Moreover, they needed to align software spending with business priorities.

Working with Celerity, our Custodian SaaS License Management reduced complexity and improved productivity for the council, whilst enabling higher levels of service to be delivered to both the organisation and its citizens. In doing so, it resulted in a 20% reduction in licensing and administration costs.

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David Taylor

Written by David Taylor

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