David Taylor

David Taylor

David is a Digital Marketing Executive at Celerity and drives their digital activity including campaigns, website, blog writing and social media. He has a passion for digital marketing and all things tech - especially in cyber security.

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Why It's Essential for Businesses to Have Both Cyber Defence & Recovery Strategies in Place

By David Taylor on 16-Mar-2022 11:26:32

In our new digital economy, most businesses rely on their data to be present all the time. It's not surprising that, according to the World Economic Forum, IT infrastructure breakdowns and cyber security failure are now two of the biggest global risks facing business leaders these days. It sits alongside the more existential threats of environmental damage, natural weather disasters, and another global pandemic. Presently, several enterprises are challenged by how to effectively build cyber resiliency.

Topics: Cyber Security disaster recovery cyber resiliency
2 min read

IT Manager to Security Manager: Your Next Steps

By David Taylor on 02-Mar-2022 12:43:20

In today's digital world, new risks come up every hour of every day. Simply connecting to the internet creates the opportunity for a hacker to target your organisation. Due to the exponential increase in cybercrime, cyber defence is becoming a prime focus for governments and organisations all over the globe.

Topics: Cyber Security IT Managed services IT challenges mssp
4 min read

8 Factors to Consider When Choosing an MSP/MSSP for Your Organisation

By David Taylor on 10-Feb-2022 09:00:02

An IT managed services provider (MSP)/managed security services provider (MSSP) can offer your organisation access to a highly skilled and dedicated IT team without it being an in-house resource. They can effectively manage your cloud demands and ensure your other crucial IT infrastructure runs smoothly.

Topics: IT Managed services msp managed service provider mssp
5 min read

Reducing Burnout in Your IT Team

By David Taylor on 03-Feb-2022 13:53:28

With technology guiding almost every aspect of our business, organisations run the risk of an overworked IT team. The continuous drive to minimise costs, do more with less and pull "all-nighters" can leave several IT workers feeling burnt out and trying to cut corners rather than following the correct procedures. In this article, we will share valuable tips on reducing burnout in your IT team.

Topics: IT Managed services IT burnout IT challenges
4 min read

What does it mean to manage your data in a hybrid cloud environment?

By David Taylor on 15-Dec-2021 17:29:12

As established and emerging organisations look to adopt the intelligence of AI and the agility of hybrid cloud to transform, automate and secure their business, this can also lead to increased costs, risk exposure, and complex data management and governance issues if not managed correctly.

Topics: hybrid cloud Data Fabric Data Management
4 min read

3 Business benefits of Adopting a Data Fabric Architecture

By David Taylor on 01-Dec-2021 16:14:09

Businesses and organisations of all sizes can only run and operate because of the data and knowledge that they collect and store. This can be everything from customer cycle patterns to login locations, internal files related to policies and procedures and, almost any data that helps run and maintain operations.

Topics: hybrid cloud Digital Transformation AI Storage Management Data Fabric Data Management
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