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Celerity backup & disaster recovery solution powered by IBM Spectrum Protect delivers 54% saving for London Council

Celerity has provided a backup and disaster recovery solution for a London Council delivering a 54% cost saving.

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Tags: Data Custodian, Software-Defined, disaster recovery, Data Protection, Storage Management, backup solution

Posted by David Taylor on 27-Jun-2019 12:17:28

How Celerity helped Surrey County Council achieve 20% cost savings through efficient software licence management

Celerity provided an efficient software licencing management solution for Surrey County Council, helping them deliver value-driven critical services, whilst reducing operational costs with 20%, using Custodian Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) powered by IBM Spectrum Protect.

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Tags: Data Custodian, IBM Spectrum Protect, Data Protection, Storage Management

Posted by David Taylor on 26-Jun-2019 21:36:16

Cyber Security Weekly Roundup 2019 – Week 25

Stay up to date with the latest cyber-attacks, data breaches and cyber news from around the world in Celerity's weekly cyber-security round up.


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Tags: Cyber Security, Data Breach, Cyber-Attacks, Cyber News

Posted by David Taylor on 24-Jun-2019 17:12:16

Celerity Colour Obstacle Rush Raises Funds For Children’s’ Lunches

On Saturday 15th June, a carefully selected team of elite athletes took part in a huge sporting event watched by millions – Canada took on New Zealand in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Coincidentally it was also this same day that Celerity sent a team of 13 employees to take part in the Newcastle Obstacle Rush, a 5km obstacle course where participants are doused in paint and glitter at each challenge.

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Tags: Celerity News, Fundraising

Posted by David Taylor on 18-Jun-2019 16:55:30

Everyday Cyber Security – What Not To Do

Unaware and untrained employees tend to be one of the biggest risk factors when it comes to cyber security within an organisation.

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Tags: WannaCry, Ransomware, Cyber Threats, Cyber Security, Cyber-Attacks

Posted by David Taylor on 14-Jun-2019 14:39:00