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Take control of managing your data growth with Custodian BaaS

Data growth is a common challenge facing businesses. If you asked IT managers a decade ago, it’s fair to assume that few would have anticipated that data would grow to be so powerful and so important to business operations.

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Tags: Data Custodian, Data Protection, Storage Management

Posted by David Taylor on 13-Sep-2019 12:15:03

Celerity Welcomes Chris McCartney

We are excited to announce that Chris McCartney has joined  Celerity as a Business Account Manager  with a focus on new business. 

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Tags: Celerity News, New Starters

Posted by David Taylor on 03-Sep-2019 16:20:12

Understanding the True Cost of Endpoint Management

With employees having access to a variety of devices both in the office and when they are working remotely, it’s more important than ever that companies protect themselves from potential risks and unauthorised access attacks. One way to boost your organisation’s data security is through the implementation of effective endpoint security management.

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Tags: Security, Cyber Security, endpoint management, patch management

Posted by David Taylor on 30-Aug-2019 10:36:21

How to reduce your backup infrastructure costs by half

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Data growth is becoming a pressing concern for organisations of all sizes and sectors, especially when they collect, process and store more information than ever before.

In times of increased risk of cyber-attacks, correct and compliant data storage and management are crucial for your business’ performance. However, high backup data storage costs are becoming an even greater business challenge.

In order to stay competitive and continue driving success in the age of ‘always-on’ enterprises, organisations need to securely and automatically back up their data in a simplified and cost-effective way.

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Posted by David Taylor on 15-Aug-2019 14:56:40

The key to effective storage management: how to identify errors and resolve them before they affect your business

In today’s data-driven business environment, it is vital that your storage management solution is securely protected and always delivering crucial insights for your company when needed the most. With data being an extremely valuable asset to any organisation, it’s imperative that your ever-growing quantity of data remains accessible, manageable and protected at all times to optimise your business’ performance and success.

Effective storage management involves a lot of trust. Users trust that their data will be safeguarded; they will be able to access and retrieve their data reliably in acceptable periods of time in the same state and condition as it was when they last stored it. Infrastructure managers trust that the storage management products and devices they purchase will perform reliably and responsively and vendors trust that their clients will operate and maintain them properly.

In order to effectively manage the process of data storage in your organisation, you need to fully understand the significance of the four major pillars of storage management: capacity, performance, reliability and recoverability. This will allow you to identify areas for improvement and quickly resolve any potential issues, before they even affect your company.

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Posted by David Taylor on 15-Aug-2019 14:55:51