Magda Bautembach

Magda Bautembach

Sales & Marketing Executive at Ceerity Limited

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Is Your Supply Chain Leaving You Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks?

By Magda Bautembach on 05-Aug-2021 12:27:03

Some organisations lack the necessary tools, resources, or expertise to tackle the increasing day-to-day threats from cybercriminals, whilst continuing to focus on their strategic priorities. Others may simply fail to carry out check-ups because they trust their software providers to do this, or do not maintain regular patching regimes. Unfortunately, it is these vulnerabilities that bad actors will always look to exploit.

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Celerity Director Wins Northern Financial Director Award 2019 - Leadership

By Magda Bautembach on 26-Nov-2019 12:21:15

Craig Aston, Celerity COO, was recognised at the Northern Finance Director Awards 2019 in Manchester last week.

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