Steven Laidler

Steven Laidler

Steve is a Technical Architect - Cyber Security at Celerity Limited and has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. His foundational strengths are in large enterprise environments.

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Why Are Supply Chain Cyber Attacks on The Rise?

By Steven Laidler on 14-Jul-2021 12:40:34

Supply chain cyber-attacks seek to infiltrate and damage an organisation by attacking vulnerabilities in the supply chain. Supply chains consist of all assets which assist organisations. This can include software providers, web developers, business partners, defence systems, etc.

Topics: Cyber Security supply chain attacks supply chain security
3 min read

Adopting A Layered Approach To Phishing

By Steven Laidler on 30-Oct-2019 17:20:51

In 2019, cyber criminals are finding smarter and more integrated ways to target companies and individuals.

Topics: Cyber Threats Cyber Security Cyber-Attacks Phishing layered approach to security layered approach to phishing
2 min read

The importance of cyber security in the healthcare sector

By Steven Laidler on 17-May-2019 15:57:21

The impact and issues surrounding cyber-security are becoming more apparent for organisations across the UK:

Topics: WannaCry Cyber Threats Citadel Data Breach Hackers Cyber-Attacks Cyber News
2 min read

IoT Security Risks: What could go wrong?

By Steven Laidler on 28-Aug-2018 12:23:18

The rate of ‘things’ being attached to the internet is increasing and everyone has heard the term ‘Internet of Things’, but are they aware of the security risks involved?

Topics: IoT Security Cyber Security
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