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How long does it take to train new IT staff?

By Tracy Ridgley on 22-May-2022 06:12:08

When hiring new IT staff, the first thing you need to do is check for any gaps in IT skills and pay attention to their training. You need to familiarise them with the systems, apps, and tools that your company uses. These might include transaction processing systems, automation systems, cyber security systems, data recovery systems, and a lot more. This can result in a fairly long training period, which can become a massive burden on your company's resources. 

Topics: IT Managed services IT Training
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IT Managed Services: Will It Reduce Your Costs?

By Tracy Ridgley on 22-May-2022 05:45:05

Among businesses aiming to cut down their tech-related costs, outsourcing has become a very appealing option. Instead of managing their networks and systems themselves, such firms are using IT managed service providers to handle it for them. While this might sound like an unnecessary expense at first, it actually provides a number of cost-saving opportunities. 

Topics: IT Managed services Cost Reductions
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5 Common Data Recovery Mistakes & How To Make Data Resilient

By Tracy Ridgley on 16-May-2022 22:34:54

Businesses big and small are facing a huge risk from data loss. Despite the potential for risk, many businesses are not taking the necessary steps to prevent their data from being compromised. Data loss can be devastating for any business, but not making backups or not having a disaster recovery plan in place can be just as detrimental. Here we take a look at some of the common data recovery mistakes made by organisations and how to create more resilient data storage.

Topics: disaster recovery Data Protection backup cyber resiliency data resilience
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5 Reasons For Outsourcing Security to an MSSP

By Tracy Ridgley on 30-Apr-2022 21:57:52

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is an external organisation that provides outsourced security operations to its clients. It can help to eliminate the cyber security challenges and threats an organisation may face and can offer a broad suite of security capabilities and services.

Topics: Managed Services Cyber Security Security Challenges IT Managed services managed service provider
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Why Offload the Management of Your Critical Legacy Systems?

By Tracy Ridgley on 30-Mar-2022 22:50:24

Legacy IT systems are outdated or old systems, technologies, and/or software applications. Many organisations continue to use these systems even today as they can be entrenched into their IT estate and perform the critical functions they were initially intended to do.

Topics: Digital Transformation IT Managed services Legacy IT AIX
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Zero Trust Security: How Does It Work & What Are the Benefits?

By Tracy Ridgley on 30-Mar-2022 22:10:58

Zero Trust Security is a shift of network defenses towards a more comprehensive IT security model that enables organisations to restrict access controls to applications, networks, and the environment without compromising performance and user experience.

Topics: Cyber Security zero trust security perimeterless security
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