“I am very excited to have been given this opportunity of joining Celerity as a software development and cyber security graduate. I can’t wait to help improve the security of the company and improve my understanding around networks and different applications that Celerity have”, commented Callum.

Callum is currently working part time based at Celerity’s technical office at Doxford Park, whilst completing his degree at Sunderland University in BSc Computer Forensics.  He is also a placement ambassador for the University engaging and assisting students with assignments. 

“My degree specialises in a range of techniques to gather and preserve evidence from any computer device in a way that is suitable in a court of law scenario. My role at Celerity is to improve the cyber security behind the company both internally and externally and build software that improves upon areas of the business.   I enjoy building and fixing applications to enhance security and performance behind the application “.

Bill Guile, Celerity’s Service Delivery Manager commented “As Celerity continues to evolve and grow its services catalogue; security is considered an essential part of our services”.  “Having Callum on board will bring knowledge and new ways of exploring and providing security services as part of the Celerity suite”.

Last year Callum was a placement student for HM Revenue and Customs and his role was based within their cyber security team as a Cyber Intelligence Analyst. Callum was involved in building systems that helped protect their UK customers from cyber-attacks.

When not working or studying, Callum enjoys to play football and basketball, is a keen photographer and enjoys travelling having travelled the whole of Canada last year.

Welcome to Celerity Callum!

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Written by Celerity Limited