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Citadel Digital Security & 4 traits

Celerity Citadel is a modular approach to cyber security that can stand-alone or combine into a powerful solution to address security challenges in the detection, management and resolution of cyber security threats.

Providing crucial visibility through a single dashboard 365 days a year, Citadel offers a proactive and customised service to take the fear and uncertainty out of your daily security operations and into the hands of experts that will protect your business from insider or external threats.

Citadel will help you through all phases of the attack chain and will give you the tools and analytics to identify, protect, react and analyse the cyber security threats harming your business. Citadel is built to scale and can help businesses of all sizes.

Citadel, consists of 4 key security traits. These areas are the cornerstone of this advanced security platform and provide insight into identify the threats posed to your business as well as dealing with all stages of the attack cycle. The areas are categorised as follows:

Citadel Digital Security 4 Traits


Citadel Security Traits

Each Citadel trait contains several modules that actualise the ethos of that threat.

Trait: Detect    Module: Threat Detect

Benefits: The Threat Detect Module is an enterprise class SIEM platform aimed to consolidate threat information and intelligence, enabling identification of internal and external cyber threats in real time. This module is perfect for those companies with a lack of resources and expertise.


Trait: Protect    Module: Patch Management

Benefits: The Patch Management platform is a scalable patch management platform with the ability to protect desktops, laptops, point of sales systems and servers across a variety of platforms and operating systems. This module is ideal for those who have budgetary restrictions and a lack of agility to deal with cyber security issues.


Service Area: Protect     Module: Managed Firewall

Benefits: The Firewall module is a cloud-based proactive remote management service to maintain and administer client firewall devices. Firewall is compatible with major vendors including Cisco, Meraki and Sonic Wall.


Service Area: Secure     Module: Endpoint Encryption

Benefits: The Endpoint Encryption module has the capability to protect databases from mis-use whether on-premise and/or cloud-based. It also provides separate access to data ensuring that the right people have the correct access at the right time.


Service Area: Respond     Module: Incident Response

Benefits: The Expert Incident Response module provides enhanced, expert cyber-threat and incident assistance. It provides intelligence on cyber threats and indicators of compromise, ensuring critical insight to enable a rapid response to threats.


Service Area: Respond     Module: Readiness Penetration Testing & Security Assessment

Benefits: This module ensures IT security measures you have in place are reliable, functional and compliant. Highlights vulnerabilities and business impact before a cyber threat occurs.

Service Area: Respond     Module: Training

Benefits: This training module is for the 'human element' of cyber security - one of your most valuable assets that can pose the biggest threat to your business. Gain practical advice and consultancy from board room to server room, aligning security and data protection with company strategy and objectives. 

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Citadel is a fully integrated and automated security intelligence solution, providing users with a crucial visibility through a single pane, supported by a proactive and customised service that delivers continuous improvements through daily and regular management reporting for compliance requirements.

Whether on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud – you need an organised and integrated approach to managing security threats. To discuss your cyber security threats, call the Celerity team on 01772 542 450 or contact us by clicking here. 

David Taylor

Written by David Taylor

David is a Digital Marketing Executive at Celerity and drives their digital activity including campaigns, website, blog writing and social media. He has a passion for digital marketing and all things tech - especially in cyber security.