Key tips from Celerity’s Lead Technical Consultant, Steve Laidler, as to how you can detect, protect, secure and respond to digital security threats.

As data is the new currency for the modern enterprise it is one of, if not, the most valuable assets in your business. It is no longer a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’ your organisation will be subject to a cyber-attack.

Companies across all industries are facing a host of security challenges and these tend to derive from software bugs, lack of visibility and human-error (lack of knowledge and susceptible to technological and social manipulations).  Moreover, businesses both in the public and private sector are also hampered by a lack of resource, budget constraints, compliance issues and poor visibility.

As research has shown, 43% of businesses in the UK have identified cyber security breaches and attacks in the last 12 months.  

Mitigating Risk

Yet the harsh reality is that no organisation will ever be 100% safe from cyber-crime, therefore it’s all about mitigating risk. You need to identify your valuable business critical assets: data, reputation, services, finance etc and ensure that in the event of a breach you are able to rapidly detect, manage and resolve threats in order to minimise impact and maintain control of your business. Remember it can take years to build your reputation but seconds to lose it! 

When assessing your cyber security protocols, ask yourself these key four questions:

  • Would you detect a breach and how long would it take?
  • What would you do to respond to a breach?
  • What would be the impact on your business?
  • Would your business and reputation survive?

In order to answer these key questions, it’s critical that you need to take positive action today to secure your business-critical assets and ensure service continuity in the event of a breach.

Introducing Citadel powered by ibm qradar

Citadel Security platform is a modular approach to cyber security that can stand-alone or combine into a powerful solution to address security challenges in the detection, management and resolution of cyber security threats. Citadel is broken down into four key traits and each trait contains one or more modules. As Citadel is a set of modular cyber security capabilities, it allows you to combine modules to build solutions or fill capability gaps.

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Citadel’s four key traits include:


The detect trait monitors threats to your network in real-time to detect and prioritise incidents that pose a risk to data & service integrity with Security Information Event Management (SIEM) .


The protect traits contains the patch management and firewall module and this allows you to securely monitor and manage the perimeter of your network with log collection and analysis with managed firewall. Proactively reduce security risk and patch vulnerability exposure with automated patch management.


The secure module includes the endpoint encryption module that allows organisations to safeguard their data across all devices should they be breached.


With the readiness and expert module, the respond trait allows you to assess your organisation’s cyber security response with penetration testing and security assessments.

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