Achieving a grade of 79%, Callum is believed to have achieved the highest grade amongst his peers on the course and has enabled him to write an academic paper for publishing, following his final year project. He has also been recommended for the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences national award.

Whilst studying for his degree Callum gained skills such as how to preserve data and carry out forensic investigations on hardware. Callum has been able to transfer these skills to the working environment, equipping Celerity with the ability to perform malware investigations on hardware such as hard drives and produce witness statements if malware is detected and prosecution is necessary.

Having joined Celerity in March, Callum has spent his time here developing an application to scan websites for vulnerabilities and is currently designing a front end to this application. He has also been involved in constructing a new ticketing system for our Service Desk function and is developing a news/intranet feature for Celerity internal use.

 “Working at Celerity has made me more determined to meet my goals and has helped me learn more hands on skills that I have used throughout my ethical hacking module,” adds Callum.

Callum will be specialising in software development and cyber security at Celerity, helping develop automation projects and ensuring a safe online environment both internally and for our customer base.

We are very proud of Callum’s achievements and feel that he has quickly become a valued member of Celerity. With the addition of Callum, the continued expansion of Celerity is proving to be a great success. Celerity has gained a range of new skillsets by taking on three graduates from a variety of vocational backgrounds, allowing us to explore and develop new and exciting avenues,” adds Bill Guile, Service Delivery Manager.

Congratulations Callum on your achievements, we look forward to a long future of putting your proven skills to the test!

Celerity Limited

Written by Celerity Limited