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Data Custodian from Celerity is a modular portfolio of data protection and storage management solutions that provides secure data optimisation and backup strategies for public sector bodies and companies operating in vertical sectors.

Over the year’s Celerity’s Data Custodian has proved invaluable to numerous local authorities and has provided them with strong and flexible data protection as well as drastically improving the efficiency of their information technology operations.

In particular, Celerity helped a London Borough Council achieve savings of over 54% with Data Custodian DRaaS and Intuition SaaS as well as providing stronger compliance and government safeguards. This is how we did it…

The requirement

The council had a requirement to maintain its disaster recovery capability. The present data protection services at the council no longer met the requirements or aligned to the strategy of the authority.

Moreover, the council needed to reduce the complexity and cost of safeguarding public information assets, while ensuring access to critical public services and avoiding any additional financial, management or personnel burden that would increase the pressure on authority budgets.

Like many local authorities, the council was constantly challenged when justifying expenditure of public funds and had a requirement to maintain its disaster recovery capability in the wake of transformation in providing services to meet its vision.

The Solution

Celerity worked with the council to better understand its strategic and tactical goal before presenting a more efficient and agile proposition. This solution would provide greater return on investment through higher utilisation and increased consolidation resulting in additional benefits across all business areas, which would be achieved through convergence of backup, disaster recovery and virtualisation.

This was achieved by leveraging investments in new technology and services already made by the council, ensuring it remained focused on its strategy and goals. The contract provides DR as a Service with improved recovery times and objectives, higher level of availability and greater security.


* Continues access and safeguarding of critical services and information assets

* Reduced operational and administrative costs – produced savings of 54%

* Reduced complexity and improved productivity

* Dedicated account team back up by UK ITIL service desk

* ISO 27001 secure UK data centre

* Mitigation of resource and skills constraints and challenges

* Reduced commercial and technical risk

* Visibility and alerting of potential issues and failure that could cause service disruption or vulnerability. 

* Stronger compliance and governance safeguards – achieved through intelligent automation

“Celerity is always able to listen to our needs and provides the sort of advice we have come to appreciate, providing depths of knowledge and experience we need to make decisions. Celerity actually listens rather than dictates what they think we want. They show great attention to detail and their documentation is outstandingly precise which gives confidence when engaging in any new project or purchase,” Technology Manager, A London Borough Council.

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Monitored by a dedicated team of experts, Custodian can provide monitoring and reporting all year-round. Coupled with business intelligence and analytics protocol, Custodian can deliver automated operational and management reports – giving you accountability and providing piece of mind as well as freeing-up vital resource from your internal team.

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