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Whatsapp Gold / Plus Hoax Scam Is Back 04.01.19

An old malware scam has re-emerged that attempts to get phone users to download Whatsapp Gold or Whatsapp Plus, which are not applications developed by Whatsapp, but are in fact viruses. These fraudulent apps were first discovered in 2016 and identified as hoaxes in 2017. The apps in question are delivered to unsuspecting individuals via a link in a chain message that boasts a secret update to Whatsapp Gold/Plus that has been leaked and is only used by celebrities. Alas, there is no secret celebrity Whatsapp to be gained when downloaded, only malware. If you receive such a message we advise you to ignore and delete it, do not click any links.

TV Licensing Phishing Emails 07.01.19

Action Fraud has received over 5,000 complaints regarding a highly convincing phishing email disguised as TV Licensing asking customers to update their financial details. The link in the emails will direct users to a fake landing page used to retrieve full payment details including account numbers and CV2 numbers. If you are unsure how to determine if an email is legitimate or not, TV Licensing have issued a quick guide for users.

Reddit Accounts Locked Down 10.01.19

The online community had to lock some of its users accounts as a precaution while the site’s admin investigates a potential security incident. Reddit would not disclose the exact alerts that led to the lockdown, but did comment that “By ‘security concern,’ we mean unusual activity that did not correspond to the account’s normal behaviour that may indicate unauthorized access”. Security experts speculate that the attack could be due to a credential stuffing attack using data acquired from another compromised site i.e. data stolen from another website will be used to gain access to accounts of another hoping that the data subjects use the same passwords. This highlights the importance of having different passwords for different accounts, no matter how annoying it may be. You can find help on password creation by NSCS here.

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Written by David Taylor

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