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Cyber Attack Weekly Round Up Wk 3


Singapore Airlines Phishing Scam 13.01.19

The airline has warned customers of a phishing scam circulating on WhatsApp with a link to a fraudulent page tempting customers with the opportunity to win free tickets as part of a 70th Anniversary celebration. Customers have also been advised to be vigilant of social media posts and websites that appear similar to their official website. The airline is no stranger to phishing scams as it was also targeted in March 2018 with fraudulent emails, messages and calls to customers.

Collection #1 – Huge Data Leak 16.01.19

The creator of (a website used to check if your email has been leaked in past data breaches) and cyber security expert, Troy Hunt, has found a huge data leak containing 773 million email and 21 million password records. Troy unearthed the file containing the 87GB worth of leaked data on an unnamed hacking forum and the file-sharing service MEGA. It is believed that the data was collected by someone through credential stuffing (the use of botnets to try stolen login credentials usually obtained through phishing attacks and data breaches). This humongous data breach is set to be the largest known on record.

Bad App – NASA Employee Data Left Exposed 18.01.19

Incorrect permissions set by a system administrator for an app has left NASA employees’ personal details including their names and details of ongoing NASA projects exposed for three weeks in September 2018. Collaborations on cloud leave opportunities for accidental data breaches like this when security settings are not implemented.


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