Given the nature of cyber attacks it's a case of when not if your organisation will be targeted by online hackers. Not only can cyber-attacks result in financial damage, but the impact it can have on your brand's reputation can be far longer-lasting. 

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are targets for cyber criminals and it is imperative that all organisations have robust processes in place to thwart any potential attacks. 

In this blog we have looked at how Wimbledon have been using IBM technology to counter cyber attacks. 

The Organisation

Known by millions as “Wimbledon”, The Championships is the oldest of tennis’ four Grand Slams, and one of the world’s highest-profile sporting events. Organised by the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), Wimbledon has been a global sporting and cultural institution since 1877.


Business Challenge

The Wimbledon digital experience is crucial to helping grow the value of the Wimbledon brand by attracting a new “digital native” audience—but it also increases risk from cybercrime. As the Wimbledon digital experience continues to evolve, fans flock to Wimbledon's app and website to stay up-to-date with the very latest news from The Championships. The digital security protocols around Wimbledon are without question paramount to the ongoing success of the tournament. 


Cognitive and other security technologies enabled analysts to quickly and efficiently identify and address the real threats hidden in nearly 200 million events experienced during the tournament.


With IBM focused on operating and protecting Wimbledon’s digital properties, the Wimbledon team is free to focus on the courts, not the cloud—putting on the world-class tennis experience that stands behind the Wimbledon brand. Behind the scenes, cognitive security, IBM technology and the security specialists who monitor and manage the daily deluge of events, incidents and attacks combine to keep the personal data of Wimbledon fans out of the hands of hackers.

  • 60x faster security threat investigations with Watson compared to manual analysis.
  • 5x increase: in volume of security incidents analysed over the course of the tournament
  • Zero breaches that impacted the 2017 Wimbledon website and brand

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