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Celerity Cyber Attack Weekly Round Up wk 11


access-app-application-267399Facebook Sues Malicious App Developers

Two Ukrainian men are being sued by Facebook for scraping data from 63,000 Facebook users’ profiles. The pair are accused of using quiz apps and malicious browser extensions which they created whilst using fake developer accounts on Facebook.


garden-gardening-growth-2259Citrix Hacked With Password Spraying Attack

The FBI tipped off Citrix that they had been breached by a credential stuffing cyber-attack. The hackers resulted in the theft of company documents, but Citrix claim that there is no evidence that the Citrix product or service has been compromised. Given the nature of a password spraying attack (stuffing a long list of weak passwords and usernames, hoping for a match), organisations should implement a strong password policy that requires regular employee updating – regardless of how annoying this may be


Security Panel – Cyber Security Show Series Starts Monday

Celerity kicks off their cyber security series of shows with the first episode ‘Cyber Security At Board Level’ with Dave Kay being released on Monday 18.03.19.  Watch this space!

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We will be back next week with another round up of cyber-security news.

Remember: cyber-attacks are a matter of 'when' not 'if' - be prepared!

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