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 Cyber Security Weekly Round Up week 18

New IoT Security-by-design Law Proposed By UK Government

IOT - Word on the Place of Missing Puzzle Piece through Magnifier. Selective Focus.The UK Government has proposed a new law that would build on the existing voluntary code of practice introduced last year. The government is looking to improve the baseline security of IoT products and make it easier for consumers to easily differentiate the security levels of products on the shelves. The mandatory codes of practice intend on forcing manufacturers to build security protections into the design stage of production and would require unique passwords and prohibit resetting devices back to factory settings. A step in the right direction for a booming industry that increases potential attack surface area of consumers.


1.5 Million+ Malicious Emails Sent From Compromised Office 365 Accounts


Researchers at Barracuda Networks have discovered more than 1.5 million malicious emails were sent from 4,000 compromised Office 365 accounts. The accounts in question were believed to have been breached through a number of techniques including brute-force attacks, using stolen usernames & passwords which weren’t changed and even SMS attacks.


71% of UK businesses Don't Have Knowledge Into Their Suppliers’ Cyber Security Approach

Engineers in mechanical factory reading instructionsNew research by Accenture has found that 70% of global organisations are at risk from supply chain attacks as they don’t have visibility into their suppliers’ cyber security posture. In a poll of 6600 IT and business executives it was found that 56% rely on trust alone for knowledge of their suppliers cyber security approach. In the UK, only 29% of those polled had insight into their partners security processes. Given the ever-increasing security perimeter of businesses, it’s not enough to just trust that your suppliers have a solid cyber security posture without evidence.


 Security Panel S1E3 – The Human Element

HubSpot Video

Security Panel - Episode 3 is now available and we are joined by Richard Preece, Chief Training Officer at OSP Cyber Academy who will be discussing the importance of security training for staff and creating a 'security' culture that fits the organisation.  View Series


We will be back next week with another round up of cyber-security news.

Remember: cyber-attacks are a matter of 'when' not 'if' - be prepared!

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