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Stay up to date with the latest cyber-attacks, data breaches and cyber news from around the world in Celerity's weekly cyber-security round up.

 Cyber Attack Weekly Round Up wk 19

Amazon Sellers Defrauded For 6 Months

Fraud Background Design. Criminal Offence Word Cloud Concept.It has been reported that around 100 accounts of Amazon sellers were compromised between May and October 2018. Amazon are still investigating the attack, but it is believed that the sellers were tricked into handing over their login details to the fraudsters.



Marvel Lovers Looking To 'Avenge' Movie Fraud

Portrait of a sad man holding bank card at homeAvengers: End Game has smashed box office ratings, but has also been in the news for other reasons. It would seem that cybercriminals have capitalised on the Marvel movie's hype and have scammed online viewers who gave their name, email and credit card details under the promise of no charge being made. The use of social engineering in cybercrime is ever-growing, playing on people's emotions,. Remember to check https and other signs of security/authenticity to avoid falling susceptable to phishing scams.

A 'Rubiks Cube' Unhackable Processor Has Been Created

MORPHEUS self-encrypting processor is likened to a rubiks cubeA team at Michigan State University has designed a processor chip that can self-encrypt and is believed to be unhackable.  The chip in question has been named 'MORPHEUS' and "blocks potential attacks by encrypting and randomly reshuffling key bits of its own code and data 20 times per second—infinitely faster than a human hacker can work and thousands of times faster than even the fastest electronic hacking techniques," according the press release. It's believed that the the processor can be employed on any device with a CPU and could play a big part in the advancement of IoT security.

 Security Panel S1E3 – The Human Element

Celerity_Cybersecurity_S1E3_BroadcastVersion _ v2 - UPDATED

Security Panel - Episode 3 is now available and we are joined by Richard Preece, Chief Training Officer at OSP Cyber Academy who will be discussing the importance of security training for staff and creating a 'security' culture that fits the organisation.  View Series


We will be back next week with another round up of cyber-security news.

Remember: cyber-attacks are a matter of 'when' not 'if' - be prepared!

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