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 Canva 139M User Detail Data Breach Culprit Discovered

Canva Data Breach 139 million user details leakedThe hackers behind the graphic design website, Canva, that leaked 139 million users’ details including usernames, emails and encrypted passwords have been identified as Gnosticplayers. You may recognise the hackers name as Gnosticplayers has been in the news this year already for attempting to sell nearly one billion stolen data records on the dark web. Canva are continuing to investigate the data breach but assure that no customer designs or payment details were accessed.


Employees Aren’t As Loyal As You Think

25 % employees would sell data for £1000Recent studies have found that 25% of employees would sell company data for £1000 and even 5% would pass on data to third parties for free. Another finding from the report by nCipher, is that 71% of the UK C-suite would be willing to cover up a data breach. This could seem understandable given the damage a data breach can have on an organisation, however, the fines from the ICO for not declaring a breach can be just as devastating.


Security Panel S1E4 – Incident Response

We have a new episode of our cyber security show and this month we are joined by IBM Security’s Senior Engineer, Andy Yeates. Discussing the challenges when it comes to reacting to a cyber incident and how it is not always technology that is key to a quick and efficient response to a cyber-attack




We will be back next week with another round up of cyber-security news.

Remember: cyber-attacks are a matter of 'when' not 'if' - be prepared!

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