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Stay up to date with the latest cyber-attacks, data breaches and cyber news from around the world in Celerity's weekly cyber-security round up.

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CISO’s Blinded By Too Many Cyber Security Tools

CISO’s Blinded By Too Many Cyber Security ToolsA new report by Panaseer in which 200 CISO’s were surveyed, found that 55% of organisations had implemented more than 50 security tools in an attempt to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. Worryingly, 70.5% of organisations don’t evaluate a security tool based on its impact on reducing cyber risk. This leads to organisations implementing more and more tools which inevitably leads to a loss of visibility and insight into their security data. Apart from the lack of visibility that comes with managing so many tools, the time spent producing reports by security team’s can be as high as 36.26% according to the ‘Panaseer Security Leader’s Peer Report’. 

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Florida Pays $600,000 Ransom For Encrypted Files

Florida Pays $600,000 Ransom For Encrypted FilesHackers have managed to encrypt files from a government computer system  in Riviera Beach, Florida. The cyber criminals have now demanded $600,000 in Bitcoin for the safe return of the government files. Unfortunately, it wasn’t only the government’s data records which were affected, as the city reported that there were also issues with their email and payments systems with local emergency dispatchers being locked out their computers. This highlights the scope of disruption and consequences ransomware attacks can have on government organisations, putting lives at risk. The city has been advised by security consultants and voted to pay the $600,000 ransom. Hopefully, the cyber criminals stick to their word and release the files once payment is made.


GolfSpy Malware targets Android Users In Middle East

GolfSpy MalwareAn information stealing malware called ‘GolfSpy’ has been discovered  as part of a cyber espionage campaign that has targeted users linked to the military in the Middle East. Researchers at Trend Micro discovered the campaign where the malware was found in once legitimate android apps that were repackaged with GolfSpy. The apps were not found on the Google Play store, but were promoted on social media directing users to a host site. The capabilities of this type of malware allows attackers to record audio/video, install additional application packages as well as searching for, listing, deleting and renaming files.


 Security Panel - Episode 4 -  Incident Response

Security Panel – The Cybersecurity Show – S1E4

In this episode we are joined by Andy Yeates, Senior Engineer at IBM Resilient, who will be discussing the incident response area of cyber security. Andy will discuss the importance of a strong incident response plan and how processes can be the difference when reducing response times.  


We will be back next week with another round up of cyber-security news.

Remember: cyber-attacks are a matter of 'when' not 'if' - be prepared!

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