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Cyber Attack Weekly Round Up wk 6

A Picture Can Speak A Thousand Words… Or Malicious Code

Android users have been warned of critical security vulnerabilities in the way the Android operating system handles PNG (Portable Network Graphic) files. These flaws could allow seemingly harmless-looking image files to carry malicious code which, if opened by the user, would allow their phone to be hacked and accessed remotely by the cyber-criminals. The exploitation of these flaws are yet to be seen, but only time will tell. Android users are advised to patch their devices with the latest security update ASAP.


Beauty & The Beastly App

Google’s Play Store has been in the news again as numerous health, beauty and photo-editing apps available on their store have been found to contain malware. It is believed that these apps have been downloaded approximately 4 million times. Once the apps were installed, some would redirect users to phishing websites, some would push full-screen NSFW adverts and some would upload user’s photos to a remote server controlled by the app author. Creepy!


Mum’s The Word… And So Is ‘Breach’

The parenting site Mumsnet reported a data breach to the ICO which occurred after a software update. The vulnerability meant that if two users logged on at the same time then their accounts would be mixed up; allowing them to view other users account details. These included email address, account details, posting history and personal messages. Early reports from Mumsnet suggest that at least 14 users were affected by the breach, but no passwords were exposed. The ICO will be investigating the incident.


We will be back next week with another round up of cyber-security news.

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David Taylor

Written by David Taylor

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