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Cyber Attack Weekly Round Up wk 9

 Imminent Cyber-Attack To Hit NHS Hospitals…On TV

adult-doctor-girl-355934Apologies for the clear scaremongering title, but Casualty & Holby City Hospital’s are going to be hit with a cyber-attack which will air on TV on Saturday 2nd March. Do many cyber security staff care for these shows? Probably not, but the article has some interesting points about the types of scenarios leading to a possible cyber-attack on an nhs hospital. Given that we are less than 2 years since the WannaCry ransomware attack hit the NHS, the security experts’ predictions (albeit somewhat extraordinary at times) are still very poignant and highlight security areas that the NHS should be monitoring.

70,000 Hacked Credit Card Details For Sale On Dark Web

bank-banking-blue-50987Beware & Meezan Bank users have been warned that 70,000 credit card details from the Pakistan-based banks have gone on sale on the dark web. The loot is estimated to worth over £3.5 million with almost 96% of the dumps belonging to Meezan Bank Ltd. Cyber security experts from Russian cyber security firm, Group-IB commented that “The scale, volume, frequency and connection to one institution contributes to the theory that the leak might be involved in a larger incident.”

Can You Please Not Mention This Data Breach On My Job Reference?

accounts-applications-apps-267350Security researchers at Proofpoint have reported that cyber-criminals are now using LinkedIn messages to lure their victims. Hackers are creating fake profiles and websites to back up their claims of job opportunities; tempting  victims looking for a change of job. Once a connection is made the malware is usually delivered through malicious links and attachments in correspondence to their business email address or through fraudulent sites. Evidence is pointing to cases in the US, but it won’t be long until it spreads worldwide so be wary. This would definitely be an awkward data breach tell your boss about.


We will be back next week with another round up of cyber-security news.

Remember: cyber-attacks are a matter of 'when' not 'if' - be prepared!


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