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Disaster Recovery - Nice to Have?

By Celerity Limited on 16-Jun-2017 09:29:32

it business man in network server room have problems and looking for  disaster situation  solution.jpeg

it business man in network server room have problems and looking for  disaster situation  solution.jpeg

 Imagine for a moment that you’re the first into your office on Monday morning...

You get to your desk, switch your machine on, get a coffee, or whatever your usual routine looks like. You then click the icon for your main business application. Nothing happens.     

You click again - Nothing.

You fire up email - Nothing new coming through.

No internet available. Only local documents on your PC. Just your music and pictures then!

Colleagues start to arrive and the murmuring gets louder as they realise that systems are down - but hey, it happens!

You can see people trying the old faithful ‘cure all’ that is switching off and on again.

Then you realise that the phones aren’t ringing. A customer calls you on your mobile number and says they can’t get through to the office.

All external comms and connectivity is out.

That’s OK, at least everything’s backed up and we haven’t lost anything.

But did the full back-up happen as scheduled over the weekend? Well, if it didn’t, at least we only lost one day, you think to yourself.

One whole day of transactions? Or did you capture most of it in snapshots and incremental back-ups? You don’t know, because it’s not your job to know that stuff. Or is it?

You try to call IT but no internal calls are possible either.

At this point in time, the office (or building) is filling up with staff, all of whom are going to be unable to do their work, with no ETA on when systems will be back up and running.

Is it possible that IT doesn’t know what the issue is and is frantically looking for the problems and a fix?

How long do you wait before you action your full Disaster Recovery Plan? The thing you thought you’d never need and was an extravagant belt and braces solution?

Another hour? Until lunchtime?

Depending on the nature of your business, you could be missing thousands of transactions or interactions with customers and suppliers. And that’s before you consider the cost of an unproductive workforce.

Disaster Recovery solutions are a bit like car insurance in that we only appreciate them when we’ve got a problem, and then we’re grateful that we’re covered.

At Celerity, our business is making sure this type of scenario doesn’t happen to you and your business. This stuff really happens and the causes are many and not restricted to acts of god or similar. Working in partnership with IBM, our integrated approach to backup and disaster recovery modernises your data protection to meet today’s most difficult business challenges. Read the IBM Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup and Recovery solutions Gartner report here

Technology’s a wonderful thing until it breaks, then you need to be ready.

We all do.

Celerity Limited

Written by Celerity Limited