In today’s data-centric world, it is imperative that organisations adopt a flexible approach to their IT systems management.

Custodian SaaS DON’T TAKE THE RISK! On how you protect business data

Threats and risks to IT systems and data are an everyday reality for most modern businesses and the investment needed for data protection increases dramatically as the volume and complexity of data continues to grow.

Managing an IT infrastructure – and ensuring it’s compliant and providing the insight you need – isn’t easy. Data is expensive; outages are disruptive, costly and can leave your business exposed.

Coupled with this, IT managers need to put measures in place to manage commercial risks – namely operational costs, manage compliance issues, manage human resources and align software spending with business priorities.  

And it goes without saying that IT system management is now a business priority rather than just an IT issue.

The commercial and technical challenges associated with data protection and storage management

The costs associated with data protection and storage management are a challenge. Amid rising costs and lower budgets, data protection and storage management solutions need to be cost effective and commercially viable to meet changing requirements as the uncertainty and unpredictability around the cost of data growth continues to put huge pressure on budgets and financial planning efforts.

Spiralling costs can also often arise from the myriad of multivendor applications in your data protection and storage environment. Causing high operational and administrative costs whilst often leaving organisations vulnerable to compliance mandates and auditing checks.

Having said that, budget is important to any organisation and the management team is always looking to gain the most value out of every pound spent – therefore it is crucial that costs associated with storage management and data protection are managed appropriately.

The solutions…introducing Data Custodian SaaS


As business needs change, companies need the tools that provide them with the agility they need, with controlled and predictable costs designed to assist in the running of their business within a measured environment. 

This is where Data Custodian SaaS comes into play.

Coupled with business intelligence and analytics protocol, Celerity’s Custodian SaaS can deliver automated operational and management reports – giving you accountability and providing peace of mind as well as freeing-up vital resource from your internal team.

Moreover, Custodian SaaS also provides the following benefits:

  • Built-in data efficiency capabilities and cost-effective storage for data offload
  • Efficient License Management – fixed, predictable renewal costs scalable, modular and simple costs that aligns with demand and your data storage growth
  • Integrated solutions for consolidated management, purchased together under a simplified licensing and pricing structure

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David Taylor

Written by David Taylor

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