Data privacy and security are two of the most important aspects of any organisation.

Since 25 May 2018, GDPR means that companies across Europe must protect, govern and store their data securely.

GDPR is not a choice, it’s a requirement.  Should you be non-compliant there is potential for large fines of up to €20 million or 4% of total annual worldwide turnover, whichever is greater.

As a business it is essential that you have insight into your data to make more informed business and legal decisions – not only to comply with GDPR but to support your business growth goals of innovation and digital transformation.

Records management, electronic discovery, compliance, data storage, data migrations, controlling data growth, managing environment performance, disaster recovery, cost control – the list is endless and as data growth shows no signs of stopping, it's essential that you maintain full and transparent control of your environment. 


GDPR requires companies to gain increased visibility, control and have a concrete understanding of how the business is processing, storing and managing personal data. As a result of this, keeping personal information secure is central to the data protection mandate. As such, a data breach must be notified to the ICO within 72 hours.

How Custodian can ensure your data security and privacy solutions are compliant with GDPR

Custodian is Celerity’s portfolio of data protection and storage management solutions and services. Combined with the power of data mapping and discovery services, Custodian delivers secure, safe and agile operations for your enterprise designed to assist you in working towards GDPR compliance.

Custodian provides guaranteed levels of protection and continuous access to the valuable data you hold, or that Celerity holds on your behalf. As an ISO:27001 accredited organisation, we are committed and highly experienced in our approach to managing risk to the security of confidential information, therefore, ensuring that Custodian is as secure as it gets!


Robust enough to be used by government defence organisations and with a successful track record in the public sector, Custodian is a strong yet flexible solution for your data protection and management needs. Fully customisable to specific compliance-heavy environments, Custodian services will seamlessly manage your compliance and regulatory challenges, taking the pain away from internal teams, whilst reducing workload and costs.

Data mapping and discovery services provide the capability to identify and manage both structured and unstructured data across your enterprise, enabling you to understand and extract value from your data. Celerity’s Data Discovery is supported by enterprise tools to discover and classify the content of both unstructured and structured data stores up to 4 PB in total size. Data Mapping catalogues the locations in your organisation where (personal) data and processes exist, together with, for example, their usage and purpose.

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David Taylor

Written by David Taylor

David is a Digital Marketing Executive at Celerity and drives their digital activity including campaigns, website, blog writing and social media. He has a passion for digital marketing and all things tech - especially in cyber security.