shutterstock_288053798.jpgAs an organisation, Celerity speaks to hundreds of business executives each month and it’s fair to say that in our experience, most leaders are under pressure to do more with less when it comes to their IT spend.

Even accounting for increasing security threats, cyber-attacks and the associated risks of down-time, or worse, this isn’t necessarily equating to increased budgets.

Whilst it would be easy to think there are some things that we should just be without, what can you afford to leave to chance in a complex and data-rich environment? This is not a place where corners can be cut without serious ramifications.

There isn’t much room for manoeuvre, which means that increasingly innovative ways must be found and implemented to address these growing challenges. When we say innovative, we mean exactly that – advanced, new methods… not just new, untried and high risk.

When it comes to helping organisations navigate this minefield, Celerity has more experience than most. You could say we’ve been around long enough to have seen it all. We’re just waiting on velvet pantaloons to make a resurgence and that box is well and truly ticked!

But seriously, we don’t get to manage petabytes of data and take on that level of responsibility, with the compliance, regulations and risks as described earlier, without knowing what we're doing.

Actively managing data and serving customers is one thing. Preventing wrong moves is another.

We know exactly what it takes to stay ahead of the game and it isn’t for the faint of heart. As the noise in the data protection and security space increases, many pretenders have come to the fore.

We strongly recommend that you work with the battle-hardened, whose experience has been forged over time and who know how to bullet-proof your technology and data.

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Written by Celerity Limited