Celerity provided an efficient software licencing management solution for Surrey County Council, helping them deliver value-driven critical services, whilst reducing operational costs with 20%, using Custodian Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) powered by IBM Spectrum Protect.

Surrey county councils saves 20% costs with custodian saas

As a leading South East local authority, the Council’s dedicated to encouraging and improving technological innovations in order to provide excellent services to over one million residents.

Surrey County Council’s IT & Digital team delivers application and infrastructure services to more than 8000 users, from internal business teams to external partners from the public and the private sectors.

Such services include infrastructure as a service, software as a service and platform as a service through a combination of private cloud and dedicated infrastructure.

Challenges facing Surrey County Council

Surrey County Council, like many other local authorities, has been impacted by cuts in the government funding and is under pressure to reduce operational costs, while meeting an increasing demand for services.  

Assessing their current situation, the council found that managing key aspects of the delivery of services to its one million citizens depended on intelligent software and IT services.  The software licencing management tools required too much personnel to enforce control and ensure compliance.

The council’s IT & Digital team needed to guarantee business continuity and maintain access to service across its cloud data centre environments. The challenge was to maintain the exceptional level of services, whilst reducing operational costs.  

How Custodian SaaS delivered excellent results  

How Custodian SaaS delivered excellent results  

Celerity and Surrey County Council worked together to implement the Custodian SaaS Licence Management as a cost-effective and flexible solution, addressing the outlined challenges.

Custodian SaaS simplified processes and increased productivity within the council, enhancing the level of service delivery to both the organisation and the citizens. With the licence compliance and governance safeguards now in place, Custodian SaaS enabled the council to proactively react to change, potential risks and regulatory compliance challenges.

 The licensing management solution from Celerity enabled Surrey County Council to:

  • Streamline licensing, providing stronger compliance and governance safeguards
  • Reduce licencing and administration costs by 20%
  • Make more use of available human resources, with staff spending less time managing complex contracts and more time delivering value to the business
  • Reduce commercial and technical risk for auditing

Since SaaS has proven to be a winning solution for Surrey County Council, the government body is now looking to collaborate with Celerity in other areas as well to achieve successful business transformation.

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