The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Data growth is becoming a pressing concern for organisations of all sizes and sectors, especially when they collect, process and store more information than ever before.


In times of increased risk of cyber-attacks, correct and compliant data storage and management are crucial for your business’ performance. However, high backup data storage costs are becoming an even greater business challenge.

In order to stay competitive and continue driving success in the age of ‘always-on’ enterprises, organisations need to securely and automatically back up their data in a simplified and cost-effective way.

Backup challenges affecting businesses

Current data protection in a lot of companies is accomplished using multiple products from multiple vendors, that is proving difficult to keep on top of. Organisations end up with over complicated backup environments that management have no confidence in.

Managing multiple solutions results in high operational and administrative costs. It can also lead to lack of clear visibility over how your organisation’s storage management and security management tools are performing and what the critical areas of vulnerability are.

If there is a lack of internal resources to provide operational management of data protection solutions in your organisation, you would also be required to allocate additional resources towards specialist technical training and expertise.

Another key challenge is the dramatically rising amount of data organisations collect and store with the average enterprise backup reaching a petabyte or more, which is pushing conventional storage limits.

At the same time, IT directors are constantly under pressure to meet stricter budget allocations and cut down on costs and cost drivers such as complexity, resource silos, low utilisation and waste.

How to reduce your backup infrastructure costs by half

Custodian Protect+ Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), powered by IBM Spectrum Protect, builds upon the features provided by Celerity’s Managed Service function and is a key element of the Data Custodian portfolio of products for data protection and storage management.

Your organisation provides us with your backup and recovery SLAs, RPOs & RTOs and Celerity will deliver a customised data protection solution using best of breed technologies to meet your specific business requirements. Your company data is securely and automatically backed up on-premises or to a cloud, where it is fully replicated to a secondary site for resilience and failover capabilities.

  • A smarter use of your IT resources

Redirect needed IT resources to more pressing tasks and strategic initiatives by taking advantage of Celerity IT expertise and resource and by automating and outsourcing manual, time-consuming operational management tasks.

  • Enhanced predictable budgeting

Subscription-based pricing that offers scalable, modular and simple costs that aligns with the demands of your business and your data storage growth.

  • A solution, tailored to your individual needs

We have a range of cloud-based backup models, tailored to your business’ environment giving your organisation the ability to leverage any mix of public, private, or hybrid delivery models.

  • Minimise risk and downtime

The advanced replication and rapid restore will protect against both human triggered events and natural disasters.

  • Stronger compliance safeguards

Fully customisable, the Custodian Protect+ services meet new heavier compliance regulations, taking the pain away from internal teams, whilst reducing workload and costs.

  • Analysis and reporting

The improved backup infrastructure will give you complete transparency of your environment and access to valuable data on your backup performance. Increased efficiency in data storage can also help identifying unnecessary data to free up storage and reduce expenses.

As a result of implementing the Custodian Protect+ BaaS, your organisation can reduce backup costs by up to 54% as achieved by a London Borough Council.

Looking to learn more? Speak to our experts today and take the next steps to reducing your backup infrastructure.

And if you would like to know more about how Custodian BaaS can help reduce your backup costs by 54%, check out our latest infographic.

David Taylor

Written by David Taylor

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