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The last few years has seen a huge rise in the cost of data management. Organisations from all walks of life are turning to big data to provide them with the insights they need to build a better, more efficient and more effective business.

IT leaders are issuing mandates across their organisation’s to  improve on data protection initiatives and ensure the IT infrastructure keeps running like clockwork.  

Yet doing so isn’t necessarily straight forward. Financial and operational constraints are obvious challenges for businesses when it comes to streamlining their data protection and storage management solutions. With this in mind, issues such as the emergence of big data and cyber security means that organisations need to put their resource to good use.

Whilst natural disaster and cyber-attacks can bring down your business, data is the lifeblood of any organisation and needs to be protected at all times. Data is expensive; outages are disruptive and costly and can leave your business exposed.

Addressing today’s cost control issues…

Amid rising costs and lower budgets, data protection and storage management solutions need to be cost effective and commercially viable to meet changing requirements as the uncertainty and unpredictability around the cost of data growth continues to put huge pressure on budgets and financial planning efforts.

Spiralling costs can also often arise from the myriad of multivendor applications in your data protection and storage environment. Causing high operational and administrative costs whilst often leaving organisations vulnerable to compliance mandates and auditing checks.

Having said that, budget is important to any organisation and the management team is always looking to gain the most value out of every pound spent – therefore it is crucial that costs associated with storage management and data protection are managed appropriately.

How to save time and money on your data protection and storage management solutions

To help companies manage and store their data effectively, Celerity’s Data Custodian is a modular solution that provides efficient management and protection of all data stored on premise or in the cloud.

Custodian Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) powered by IBM Spectrum Protect provides on-premise, off-premise and hybrid computer and storage infrastructure services designed to provide managed backup and disaster recovery capability. Building upon Celerity’s Managed Service function, Custodian BaaS affords peace of mind to IT managers by delivering a tailored backup solution that meets your businesses backup and recovery SLAs, RPOs and RTOs.

Organisations can securely and automatically backup their data with confidence that they will meet compliance requirements, minimise risk and business downtime whilst reducing man hours with analysis and reporting that ensures complete transparency of your environment at your fingertips. Customers have managed to save up to 54% in operational and administrative costs through Custodian BaaS including a London Borough Council.

The modular nature of Custodian ensures that businesses can take advantage of subscription-based pricing means that companies can scale and grow with demand and your data storage growth. What’s more, Custodian negates the need for a multi-vendor approach as all modules provide a secure and integrated data protection solution. In doing so, companies can carefully manage costs.

To this end, Custodian allows businesses to offload the operational and administrative time-consuming tasks to Celerity, leaving you free to focus on meeting strategic objectives.

Are you looking to learn how Custodian can save you time and money when it comes to managing and storing your company’s data?

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Written by David Taylor

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