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Give it to me straight, Doc...

By Celerity Limited on 23-Nov-2017 15:11:00


binoculars-1209892_1920.jpgSometimes you just want to know the lay of the land. No fluff, no nonsense, and preferably without being sold that thing that only your company can provide.

We all appreciate a little clarity from time to time, even if it’s not what we want to hear. Or is that just me?

In the IT world, it all moves so fast, you’re never quite sure how far you’re lagging behind or how close to the edge you want to be.

It’s confusing and staying on top of development within your environment is challenging enough, let alone knowing and understanding what innovations are imminent.

And yet, you’re expected to know everything. We get it. Let’s start with where you are right now with your IT estate. You’ve added a little here, upgraded some there, and you’re managing a mix of new and legacy equipment on different support contracts, with different ROI and each with differing expectations on manageability and downtime… And breathe.

If you’re really unlucky, you’re running out of physical space and the ability to power everything. Damn.

You never intended to have a heterogeneous soup of hardware and software, and it’s a mix of technologies you couldn’t even have envisioned a short time ago.

Wouldn’t it be good to get clarity on where you are right here and now? Just factual, objective, schematic and simple words outlining exactly what you’ve got including:

- Weaknesses and liabilities

- Areas of underperformance

- Strong points to build upon

- High cost areas

- Projected areas of challenge and imminent cost increases

- Areas to be changed as a priority

You’ve probably done at least part of this, however even the most vigorous method to planning can leave us with a piecemeal approach when working with highly complex environments.

Want to know what your environment COULD look like? Let us know and we’ll be happy to show you, along with projected costs and benefits. 

Find out more about the IBM Butterfly Study here.

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