Among businesses aiming to cut down their tech-related costs, outsourcing has become a very appealing option. Instead of managing their networks and systems themselves, such firms are using IT managed service providers to handle it for them. While this might sound like an unnecessary expense at first, it actually provides a number of cost-saving opportunities. 

Continue reading to find out why IT managed services are a cost-effective approach for every kind of organisation. 

How Will IT Managed Services Reduce Your Cost?

Here are some ways through which an MSP can lead to IT cost savings: 

1. More Time to Focus on Expanding Your Business

When you outsource to an IT managed service provider, it frees up valuable resources and time within your firm. Your in-house IT team will be free to focus on more result-oriented projects that contribute to the success of your business rather than spending all their time troubleshooting or responding to staff inquiries. IT managed service providers also offer leading-edge technologies such as cyber security, allowing you to focus on your business's core competencies while staying confident that your IT infrastructure is secured from malicious threats. 

2. Lower Salaries and Training Cost

The best tech candidates are demanding higher hourly wages and salaries. The pandemic has created a huge shift to remote working which enabled IT workers to make a switch to higher-paying roles without moving to expensive cities such as London. The current average salary for an IT professional is £47,500, with that number rising when looking to fill specialist roles such as cyber security. Apart from the higher salaries, recruiting in-house IT professionals also leads to increased training costs. 

The good news is that when you work to outsource your tech functions to an IT managed service, you don't have to incur any of these costs. You simply pay a flat fee for the services you need every month, making your IT budget far more stable and predictable. 

3. Decreased Operational Costs 

Deploying IT infrastructure is one thing, but maintaining it is another. Maintaining a robust enterprise infrastructure requires a dedicated team of professionals to oversee it every day. Moreover, maintenance costs are also unpredictable. You don't know how much money and time it will take to resolve a problem. 

IT managed services offer security and maintenance services at a fixed yearly or monthly cost. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies and skilled professionals, your MSP will supervise the infrastructure round the clock, engage in frequent backup and retention, and reduce the risk of downtime by resolving problems in real-time. This can help you save thousands. 

4. Cheaper Licence Management 

An MSP also allows for cheaper licence management. They will track software compliance, detect illegal and unauthorised software usage, and manage software licences for your business. This means you won't need an in-house team to take care of this task, resulting in significant IT cost savings and avoiding hefty vendor fines.

Use IT Managed Services to Reduce Costs and Overcome IT Challenges 

An IT managed service can offer significant IT cost savings. Contact Celerity to learn how we can make your life easier and reduce costs. In the meantime, here's our Storage & Data Protection Techincal Architect to explain the benefits of working with an MSP for your backup.

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Tracy Ridgley

Written by Tracy Ridgley