James and Safya join Celerity’s Inside Sales department offering support and guidance to the sales and marketing teams. James’ and Safya’s roles will consist of generating qualified new business opportunities for our external sales team to follow up and progress and manage their own customer base on smaller projects. 

James Grant 22.2.18.jpg

I have worked in management retail for a couple of years and learnt the skills to communicate and connect. I plan to hit the ground running using my skills in connecting to people and networking to get a lay of the land and hopefully get some meetings set up for our sales people in the field asap”, commented James.  


Safya Raja 22.2.18.jpgSafya adds “I have recently Graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a Bachelors of LLB Law (Hons) degree. Throughout my degree I have gained various amounts of knowledge on current legislation that can be incorporated with recent changes to the GDPR, enabling me to be aware and coherent with amendments to both current and new rules and regulations. I have been welcomed into Celerity with open arms. The staff have been extremely accommodating and approachable and I am excited to embark upon a new adventure in sales! 

I’m delighted to welcome Safya and James to the sales team. I know a lot of you have already met them over the last couple of days. For those of you who haven’t, then please take the time to introduce yourself and explain your job role to them. Whether their youth and enthusiasm makes you feel just old or like me, ancient, then please also offer them a warm welcome”, added Brian Fleck, Celerity’s Sales Manager. 

James is a keen musician playing multiple instruments and is a member of a band singing and playing keyboard. He also runs a website which he started up himself (Spotlightuk.co.uk) which produces articles and live video sessions to help promote the amazing Newcastle music scene - not to mention putting on the odd gig here and there.  He also used play rugby for Scotland U18. 

Safya likes to spend a lot of her free time participating in social events and family occasions - when there’s food involved, no questions are asked!  She also enjoys travelling, exploring different cultures and keeping fit. 

Welcome James and Safya to Celerity…!

Tracy Ridgley

Written by Tracy Ridgley