In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape it’s vital that businesses and tech industry professionals remain at the top of their game, pro-actively preparing for and working against cyber security threats.

Understanding where your security weaknesses may lie enables you to stay ahead of the curve and harden your defences which will safeguard your business from possible cyber breaches.

Given that the average cost of a data breach can come to a sizeable $3.86 million, its importance shouldn’t be overlooked across all industries and sectors. Remember, even the smallest perceived breach could expose your organisation to major weaknesses – now is the time to review your systems and enhance your IT infrastructure.

So, just how can you use penetration testing (pen testing) proactively?

Review your testing schedule

Do you have robust testing procedures in place? If the answer is no, consider how often you should be testing your systems and put in place a solid framework across your organisation to ensure this occurs regularly, without fail. As a rough guide, you want to ensure you undertake testing at least once each year.

Setting internal reminders and identifying just who is ultimately responsible for this important task will also help to ensure your testing occurs as planned.

Consider how you’ll undertake your test

Think about how you want to undertake your test, do you want a hypothetical simulation exercise or something more realistic? In real life, hackers aren’t politely waiting to attack at a time convenient to you, an attack will likely hit hard - and fast - at the worst time possible.

Be clear about what you want to achieve and how much access you want to give to your provider. Regular testing will help you to identify weaknesses in your system and as the saying goes - fail to prepare, then prepare to fail...

Ensure you only use trusted professionals

Contracting an external Pen Testing service means you’re opening up your website, sensitive data and your internal systems to an external provider. In order to put your mind at ease, you need to ensure you only work with a reputable organisation you trust.

Citadel Security is a modular approach to cyber security that can be either stand-alone or combined into a powerful solution to address security challenges in the detection, management and resolution of cyber security threats.

Our Citadel platform is fully integrated, providing our users with a proactive and customised service that delivers continuous improvement through regular management reporting for compliance requirements.

Consider the impact on your business

Most organisations will lose revenue due to downtime - especially eCommerce businesses. To avoid this, you need to ensure any testing is undertaken in a controlled and managed way - at a time of your choosing.

You don’t want your pen test to take you offline where your profits will ultimately suffer, so ensure you think about how this service will impact your organisation as a whole and be proactive in how you plan any testing in.

Here at Celerity, we understand your business and your IT needs better than anybody. Download our latest eBook which highlights the top cyber security challenges impacting on IT professionals.

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David Taylor

Written by David Taylor

David is a Digital Marketing Executive at Celerity and drives their digital activity including campaigns, website, blog writing and social media. He has a passion for digital marketing and all things tech - especially in cyber security.