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Second Sight: Website Vulnerability Scanner

By Celerity Limited on 17-Nov-2017 12:48:01


shutterstock_276170012.jpgCelerity is excited to announce the launch of its new FREE online application, Second Sight!

Developed by our very own in-house Cyber Security and Forensics Specialist, Callum Taylor, Second Sight is a free vulnerability testing web application.

Simply enter your professional email and matching website domain and your company website will be scanned for a variety of vulnerabilities that may leave you open to risk in the unfortunate event of a cyber-attack.

Second Sight works by scanning through the HTML body of your website, checking through all URLs that are embedded within the HTML code. Second Sight will scan for a very wide range of nasties, including:

  • Missing content security policy headers
  • Missing content type headers
  • Cross site scripting
  • Email addresses within the HTML
  • SQL injections
  • Sub resource vulnerabilities for JS & CSS

Not only will the service check through the above, but it will also test each and every URL within your domain for vicious malware. The results of your scan will be presented in a PDF document and emailed to the address used to subscribe within as little as 24 hours!

If no vulnerabilities are detected on your site then fantastic – you’ve got it covered!

However, should results turn out to be not so great and vulnerabilities are highlighted, don’t panic. Our Second Sight team are on hand to help you understand and resolve these issues!

So give Second Sight a go today: http://www.celerity-uk.com/secondsight

*Second Sight can be accessed both on desktop and through mobile devices. Any data provided through the service will be fully protected and you reserve the right to have any data held deleted upon request. Please note to use this service you must have a professional email domain that matches with the domain of your company website.

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