Data growth is a common challenge facing businesses. If you asked IT managers a decade ago, it’s fair to assume that few would have anticipated that data would grow to be so powerful and so important to business operations.


As data continues to grow and becomes even more valuable to businesses, then the challenges associated with managing data increases tenfold. With data growing exponentially, it’s no easy feat for IT departments to balance modern data management needs with limited resources and budgets.

Unsurprisingly, a study produced by Gartner indicates that 70% of organisations cite managing data growth as one of their top concerns. To learn more about the data storage challenges facing organisations, check out our latest infographic.

Managing data growth has become more vital than ever

Yet managing data growth isn’t easy – with many firms not having the structure or resource to do so.

In the age of data-centric ‘always-on’ business, the investment needed for data management increases dramatically as the volume and complexity of data continues to grow. Data is transported and stored across numerous global networks to provide businesses with vital information and insight and helps drive business intelligence and provides valuable insight.

So how to take control of your data growth?

In order to stay competitive, stay on top of data growth and drive business transformation, organisations need to securely and automatically back-up their data in a simplified and cost-effective way.

Celerity’s Data Custodian is a modular portfolio of data protection and storage management solutions that provides secure data optimisation and proactive backup strategies.

To help manage data growth effectively, Celerity’s Data Custodian Backup-as-a-Service module provides on-premise, off-premise and hybrid computer and storage infrastructure services designed to help make managing data growth easy.

By migrating data storage to the Custodian cloud, IT managers can store inactive data, yet have it readily available at a moment’s notice. Moreover, streamlining and storing data centrally will be more cost-effective for businesses whilst data centralization on the cloud also means greater data security in the event of a storage mishap.  

Custodian BaaS powered by IBM Spectrum Protect builds upon the features provided by Celerity’s Managed Service function. You simply provide us with your backup and recovery SLAs, RPOs & RTOs and we will deliver a data protection solution using best of breed technologies to meet your business requirements. Furthermore, Custodian runs on subscription-based pricing that scales in line with your business requirements meaning there is a solution based on your budget.

Looking to learn how Custodian BaaS has helped other organisations manage their own data growth? Take a look at our latest case studies here.

Cut your backup cost in half with Custodian BaaS


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