For any IT professional, patch management is an important task which can take up large amounts of time, money and internal resource.

With increasing pressures on internal departments, a need for software to adapt even quicker and cyber security threats becoming increasingly more sophisticated, now is the time to reconsider your approach.

Citadel Protect - Patch Management increases the effectiveness of your patching process. Not only does it reduce your overall operational cost, but it also proactively reduces any security risks while you quickly enforce policies and report on compliance – a must in any modern workplace to remain secure. You have the ability to make informed decisions on what patches to deploy – and when.

Citadel Protect is a proactive service delivered to clients to tackle this important security task on their behalf. 

The benefits of outsourcing your patch management 

Save time

By contracting an external provider, you can free up your internal team so that they can focus their valuable resource elsewhere. Take the minutiae away from your front-line staff and leave it in a capable partner’s hands. 

Enjoy enhanced levels of service

Patch management providers will offer an unrivalled level of service – Celerity Service Desk will help you to reduce patch cycle times from days and weeks to hours or minutes – you can be assured your are in a safe and reliable pair of hands.

Crystal clear compliance

Outsourcing can provide greater visibility into compliance, ensuring your systems comply fully with government regulations, service agreements or corporate mandates. This provides reassurance that your systems are safe and up to date.


Employing an external resource will help to manage and deploy patches for your software automatically. This can take place across multiple applications and operating systems – an efficient way to ensure your patch management processes are watertight.

Outsourcing your patch management with Celerity

Citadel Protect - Patch Management increases the effectiveness of your patching process.

It reduces operational costs, proactively reduces security risks whilst enabling you to quickly enforce policies and report on compliance for audit readiness; providing the ability to make informed decisions knowing what patches were deployed and when, who were they deployed by and to what endpoints.

Looking to learn more?

Speak to our patch management experts and discover how Celerity can help free up your vital time, money and resource.

David Taylor

Written by David Taylor

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