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Why Cloud Backup Is Now More Important Than Ever

By David Taylor on 04-May-2020 17:18:04

There are benefits to on-premise backups and depending on your industry you might even be forced to use on-premise storage due to regulations such as the finance sector. One big reason is the peace of mind knowing that your data is safe on your property and you’re not relying on a third party to protect your data. Like parking your car in the garage. Safe.

Topics: Cloud Cloud Technology Digital Transformation Data Protection backup solution off-premise backup backup
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COVID-19 Public Sector Services Available On Crown Commercial Service

By Tracy Ridgley on 22-Apr-2020 14:05:11

Topics: Cyber Security Crown Commercial Services Data Protection backup solution Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service service desk
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Do you truly understand what’s going on in your backup environment?

By David Taylor on 21-Oct-2019 10:30:00

Backing up your data is a key part of safeguarding against loss – in time, money and of course data.

Topics: Data Custodian Data Protection Storage Management backup solution
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Celerity backup & disaster recovery solution powered by IBM Spectrum Protect delivers 54% saving for London Council

By David Taylor on 08-May-2019 10:15:00

Celerity has provided a backup and disaster recovery solution for a London Council delivering a 54% cost saving.

Topics: Data Custodian Software-Defined disaster recovery Data Protection Storage Management backup solution
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