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Why Cloud Backup Is Now More Important Than Ever

By David Taylor on 04-May-2020 17:18:04

There are benefits to on-premise backups and depending on your industry you might even be forced to use on-premise storage due to regulations such as the finance sector. One big reason is the peace of mind knowing that your data is safe on your property and you’re not relying on a third party to protect your data. Like parking your car in the garage. Safe.

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The Cloud Journey: Embracing Software Defined for Hybrid Cloud

By Edward Yates on 28-Aug-2018 13:13:44

There are many reasons why a business may move some or all IT services to an Enterprise Cloud and because of this there are many industries such as the public sector that have a Cloud First strategy.

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The Cloud Journey: Embracing Software Defined for Hybrid Cloud

By David Taylor on 19-Jul-2018 15:35:30

Celerity's Lead Technical Consultant, Edward Yates, has recently shared his knowledge on moving to a cloud first strategy in his recent DIGIT blog 'The Cloud Journey: Embracing Software Defined for Hybrid Cloud''. The blog explains the different types of cloud options available, their benefits and also the potential downsides to embracing the cloud.

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Edward's blog is the second in a series of DIGIT blogs written by Celerity's technical staff which aims at giving insights into important and current topics that are facing businesses today. The first blog was written by Celerity's Principal Consultant, Darren Sanders, on 'Data Protection for Cyber Threats'. A piece discussing ongoing cyber threats and solutions to deal with them.

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 Watch this space for our next DIGIT blog arriving in August!



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