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7 min read

3 of The Biggest Security Challenges Facing Local Government

By David Taylor on 20-May-2021 10:10:07

Local government cyber security challenges are broad across the UK, not least due to the decentralised approach to local government and the challenges of sharing information and approaches to online threats. Challenges and threats include both external actors and internal issues.

Topics: Ransomware Cyber Security Cyber-Attacks Local Government
4 min read

Top Local Government Security Challenges

By Joshua Read on 21-Sep-2020 09:48:13

The risk of cyber threats to business is high, but when your stakeholders include citizens, the impact of successful breaches have far wider implications. In the first half of 2019 local councils faced 263 million cyber-attacks (Gallagher, 2020) and the Government sector was found to be the 6th most targeted sector in the IBM X -Force Threat Intelligence Index, 2020, signalling councils are very much in the cross-hairs of cyber criminals. We’ll take a look at the top cyber security challenges facing local government in an already complicated world.

Topics: Cyber Threats Cyber-Attacks Government Local Government Security Challenges public sector
3 min read

Adopting A Layered Approach To Phishing

By Steven Laidler on 30-Oct-2019 17:20:51

In 2019, cyber criminals are finding smarter and more integrated ways to target companies and individuals.

Topics: Cyber Threats Cyber Security Cyber-Attacks Phishing layered approach to security layered approach to phishing
2 min read

A guide to spotting a phishing email

By David Taylor on 24-Oct-2019 15:15:00

Phishing is a major security threat for modern businesses. Knowledge of what is, and isn’t a phishing email varies, with many employees at risk of falling foul to malicious emails.

Topics: Cyber Threats Cyber Security Cyber-Attacks Phishing layered approach to phishing
2 min read

Why early threat detection is key to mitigating business risk

By David Taylor on 29-Jul-2019 11:15:00

In today’s cyber-centric world, it is often a case of when, not if, your organisation is targeted by cyber criminals.

Topics: Cyber Threats Cyber Security Citadel Cyber-Attacks
3 min read

Cyber Security Weekly Roundup 2019 – Week 25

By David Taylor on 24-Jun-2019 17:12:16

Stay up to date with the latest cyber-attacks, data breaches and cyber news from around the world in Celerity's weekly cyber-security round up.


Topics: Cyber Security Data Breach Cyber-Attacks Cyber News