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How To Avoid Becoming The Next Victim Of Cyber Crime

By Callum Graham-Rack on 28-Jun-2022 16:14:30


Protecting your business against cyber theft is a huge issue facing companies throughout the UK. While a cyber breach may seem like a distant thought for many businesses, ensuring your business is securely protected has never been more important.

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5 Reasons For Outsourcing Security to an MSSP

By Tracy Ridgley on 30-Apr-2022 21:57:52

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is an external organisation that provides outsourced security operations to its clients. It can help to eliminate the cyber security challenges and threats an organisation may face and can offer a broad suite of security capabilities and services.

Topics: Managed Services Cyber Security Security Challenges IT Managed services managed service provider
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Zero Trust Security: How Does It Work & What Are the Benefits?

By Tracy Ridgley on 30-Mar-2022 22:10:58

Zero Trust Security is a shift of network defenses towards a more comprehensive IT security model that enables organisations to restrict access controls to applications, networks, and the environment without compromising performance and user experience.

Topics: Cyber Security zero trust security perimeterless security
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Why It's Essential for Businesses to Have Both Cyber Defence & Recovery Strategies in Place

By David Taylor on 16-Mar-2022 11:26:32

In our new digital economy, most businesses rely on their data to be present all the time. It's not surprising that, according to the World Economic Forum, IT infrastructure breakdowns and cyber security failure are now two of the biggest global risks facing business leaders these days. It sits alongside the more existential threats of environmental damage, natural weather disasters, and another global pandemic. Presently, several enterprises are challenged by how to effectively build cyber resiliency.

Topics: Cyber Security disaster recovery cyber resiliency
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IT Manager to Security Manager: Your Next Steps

By David Taylor on 02-Mar-2022 12:43:20

In today's digital world, new risks come up every hour of every day. Simply connecting to the internet creates the opportunity for a hacker to target your organisation. Due to the exponential increase in cybercrime, cyber defence is becoming a prime focus for governments and organisations all over the globe.

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Is Your Supply Chain Leaving You Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks?

By Magda Bautembach on 05-Aug-2021 12:27:03

Some organisations lack the necessary tools, resources, or expertise to tackle the increasing day-to-day threats from cybercriminals, whilst continuing to focus on their strategic priorities. Others may simply fail to carry out check-ups because they trust their software providers to do this, or do not maintain regular patching regimes. Unfortunately, it is these vulnerabilities that bad actors will always look to exploit.

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