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6 min read

Is Your Supply Chain Leaving You Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks?

By Magda Bautembach on 05-Aug-2021 12:27:03

Some organisations lack the necessary tools, resources, or expertise to tackle the increasing day-to-day threats from cybercriminals, whilst continuing to focus on their strategic priorities. Others may simply fail to carry out check-ups because they trust their software providers to do this, or do not maintain regular patching regimes. Unfortunately, it is these vulnerabilities that bad actors will always look to exploit.

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6 min read

Why Are Supply Chain Cyber Attacks on The Rise?

By Steven Laidler on 14-Jul-2021 12:40:34

Supply chain cyber-attacks seek to infiltrate and damage an organisation by attacking vulnerabilities in the supply chain. Supply chains consist of all assets which assist organisations. This can include software providers, web developers, business partners, defence systems, etc.

Topics: Cyber Security supply chain attacks supply chain security
7 min read

3 of The Biggest Security Challenges Facing Local Government

By David Taylor on 20-May-2021 10:10:07

Local government cyber security challenges are broad across the UK, not least due to the decentralised approach to local government and the challenges of sharing information and approaches to online threats. Challenges and threats include both external actors and internal issues.

Topics: Ransomware Cyber Security Cyber-Attacks Local Government
4 min read

How to Protect The Education Sector from Cyber Threats

By David Taylor on 29-Jan-2021 09:39:05

The education sector was found to be the 7th most-targeted industry in IBM’s 2020 Threat Intelligence Index and find themselves in the crosshairs of cyber criminals and nation-state attackers due to the vast amounts of personal information and research data that they hold. Whether they are looking to profit from selling stolen data, ransoms or gaining an advantage by stealing world-class research, the education sector is a target for threat actors and I'll explain how it can be better protected from cyber threats.

Topics: Cyber Security vulnerability management air gap backup Breach and attack simulation BAS college education sector university higher education further education
4 min read

Validate Your Security Investments with combined Breach and Attack Simulations (BAS) and Vulnerability Management

By David Taylor on 01-Dec-2020 17:13:18

Before we get into the benefits of this solution and how you can validate security decision-making, it’s important to explain what exactly, breach and attack simulation, is.

Topics: Cyber Security vulnerability management Breach and attack simulation BAS cyber threat insight
1 min read

Celerity achieves cyber essentials plus

By David Taylor on 14-Oct-2020 14:58:20

Celerity is proud to announce that we have built upon our existing Cyber Essentials accreditation and are now Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.

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