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Understanding the True Cost of Endpoint Management

With employees having access to a variety of devices both in the office and when they are working remotely, it’s more important than ever that companies protect themselves from potential risks and unauthorised access attacks. One way to boost your organisation’s data security is through the implementation of effective endpoint security management.

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Posted by David Taylor on 30-Aug-2019 10:36:21

Why early threat detection is key to mitigating business risk

In today’s cyber-centric world, it is often a case of when not if your organisation is targeted by cyber criminals.

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Posted by David Taylor on 29-Jul-2019 11:15:00

Do you have the skills, resources and budget to EFFECTIVELY manage a cyber security incident?

Cyber threats are constantly evolving; becoming more sophisticated, targeted and frequent. The traditional forms of security – anti-virus software, firewalls – are no longer enough to stop some of the sophisticated threats posed to companies.

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Posted by David Taylor on 25-Jul-2019 13:18:00

Cyber Security Weekly Roundup 2019 – Week 25

Stay up to date with the latest cyber-attacks, data breaches and cyber news from around the world in Celerity's weekly cyber-security round up.


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Posted by David Taylor on 24-Jun-2019 17:12:16

Everyday Cyber Security – What Not To Do

Unaware and untrained employees tend to be one of the biggest risk factors when it comes to cyber security within an organisation.

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Tags: WannaCry, Ransomware, Cyber Threats, Cyber Security, Cyber-Attacks

Posted by David Taylor on 20-Jun-2019 14:39:00