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Why Offload the Management of Your Critical Legacy Systems?

By Tracy Ridgley on 30-Mar-2022 22:50:24

Legacy IT systems are outdated or old systems, technologies, and/or software applications. Many organisations continue to use these systems even today as they can be entrenched into their IT estate and perform the critical functions they were initially intended to do.

Topics: Digital Transformation IT Managed services Legacy IT AIX
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3 Business benefits of Adopting a Data Fabric Architecture

By David Taylor on 01-Dec-2021 16:14:09

Businesses and organisations of all sizes can only run and operate because of the data and knowledge that they collect and store. This can be everything from customer cycle patterns to login locations, internal files related to policies and procedures and, almost any data that helps run and maintain operations.

Topics: hybrid cloud Digital Transformation AI Storage Management Data Fabric Data Management
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Digital Transformation for Local Government: From Disruption to Acceleration

By Darren Sanders on 15-Sep-2020 09:06:16

It is no secret that the Government and public services organisations have been significantly challenged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst trying to deliver their primary mandate of protecting citizens and providing services to enhance daily life, they have also had to accelerate Digital Transformations, often unplanned, to meet the needs of their staff and citizens.

Topics: Digital Transformation covid-19 Local Government public sector
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Why Cloud Backup Is Now More Important Than Ever

By David Taylor on 04-May-2020 17:18:04

There are benefits to on-premise backups and depending on your industry you might even be forced to use on-premise storage due to regulations such as the finance sector. One big reason is the peace of mind knowing that your data is safe on your property and you’re not relying on a third party to protect your data. Like parking your car in the garage. Safe.

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DIGIT Expo 2018

By David Taylor on 07-Nov-2018 16:12:53


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