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There are benefits to on-premise backups and depending on your industry you might even be forced to use on-premise storage due to regulations such as the finance sector. One big reason is the peace of mind knowing that your data is safe on your property and you’re not relying on a third party to protect your data. Like parking your car in the garage. Safe.

Peace of mind is good for anyone. However, storing data on-premise comes with its drawbacks - it can be expensive.You need to invest in the hardware, pay for the electricity to run it as well as maintenance to keep it running smoothly. And remember your car all safe in your garage? What if your house is flooded or damaged by fire? It’s potentially bye-bye car and bye-bye servers, and data, should your organisation be struck by a natural disaster.

Cloud backups, in contrast, do not require a big investment in hardware, and are monitored 24x7 and maintained with the latest upgrades by the cloud providers. Your data loss risk is mitigated by off-site storage and your IT team doesn’t need to be trained on the hardware in order to fix or run it.

Scalability is key for the growth of any business

And that's what cloud backups can offer. If your backup data requirements suddenly increase you can increase your capacity elastically with the cloud storage vendor.

Cloud backup is also generally cheaper than on-premise storage which can be a key driver for any organisation.

The current global lockdown is affecting all businesses and the lack of personnel on-site to manage on-premise servers and networks will be causing challenges to IT teams everywhere. So now might be a pivotal point for organisations to explore cloud backup solutions as they manage a remote workforce. Although change might seem daunting, there are managed service providers who can help you with the transition and find a solution that’s truly right for your business.

There are private, public and hybrid cloud solutions available - make sure you find the right fit for your organisation.

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