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Cyber Security Numbers Speak for Themselves

 197… is the average number of days attackers are in the system before detection …

39 … is the average number of days it takes to contain a cyber security breach …
$3.86 million ...is the average total cost of a data breach

Cyber-attacks affect almost all company types across all industries. Businesses feel they are not adequately prepared, their plans lack robustness and investments to counter a cyber-attack are insufficient.

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Citadel Security platform is a modular approach to cyber security that can stand-alone or combine into a powerful solution to address security challenges in the detection, management & resolution of cyber security threats.

A fully integrated and automated security intelligence solution, providing users with crucial visibility through a single pane, supported by a proactive and customised service that delivers continuous improvement through daily and regular management reporting for compliance requirements.
As attackers become more dangerous and the regulatory environment continues to evolve, basic tools just can’t keep up.  Knowing how many threats, how real they are and what the impact would be to your business is imperative. A lack of insight across multiple security environments leaves you highly vulnerable to attack.  

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 Celerity presents... Security Panel the cyber security show

Episode 1 of our cyber security series features Dave Kay, Celerity Non-Exec Director as our guest. Dave will be discussing Cyber Security at board level and about how Cyber Security is developing at both an exciting and frightening speed.
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Citadel Data Sheet

 Citadel security platform allows organisations to deliver the most from endpoint cyber security tools; whether an organisation is beginning their cyber security journey or has already made investments in security endpoint solutions.

Discover how Citadel can protect your business and download the Citadel Datasheet
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Take control of your Digital Security & Cyber Defence with Celerity Citadel 
Providing 24 x 7 crucial visibility through a single dashboard, Citadel offers a proactive and customised service to take the fear and uncertainty out of your daily security operations and into the hands of experts that will protect your business from insider or external threats.
  • Predictable Cost Control - Simplified & Cost-effective Licensing                      
  • 24 x7 Security Operations Centre
  • Compliance - Data, Licensing & GDPR
  • Elastic Service - Only Pay For What You Use 
  • Incident Response - Dedicated Security Expert
  • Continuous Improvement - Daily & Management Reporting
  • On-premise, hybrid or cloud
  • Service Based SLA

Are you losing sleep over cyber security? 

 Is cyber security your responsibility? Are you looking to understand the top 10 key cyber security priorities facing you in 2019?

Download your free eBook: Top 10 Cyber Security Priorities for 2019

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Custodian BaaS

Guaranteed protection and continuous access to data



Proactive intelligent discovery, automation & orchestration from a single pane



Cost effectively keeping your software up to date, managed & compliant


Managed Service

Offload the operational management of your IT enviroment to reduce costs and redeploy your valuable people as assets


ITIL Service Desk

Maintain efficient & reliable operations with a single point of support for all vendors


Reporting & Business Analytics

Unleash The Value


Custodian DRaaS

Enterprise application security, protection, and disaster recovery with proactive backup strategies


Asset Management

Maintain audit readiness and compliance of your software estate



Detect, prioritise & manage security events and risks in real-time

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