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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Cost effective and secure protection of critical services supporting business continuity for unplanned disruption

Custodian DraaS.jpgCustodian Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides secure, cost effective managed disaster recovery that replicates data, physical and virtual environments to Celerity’s secure DR facility located in the United Kingdom.

dark orange 24x7 iconDRaaS reduces resource burden, redundant infrastructure and limited flexibility of traditional DR and rapidly restores business critical applications and data in the event of a partial or full disaster.

All DRaaS requirements and expectations are documented in a service level agreement with automated DR status reports providing both peace of mind and evidence of compliance. The dashboard feature of Custodian DRaaS provides you with evidence that your data has been successfully replicated to the offsite datacentre location.  The service allows replication to our ISO 27001 secure facility or your nominated second site.


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  • Service provided from multiple secure UK data centres – your data and DR solution remains safe and protected in the UK
  • Protect virtual and physical systems – doesn’t matter where, what or when we can recover it for you
  • Customisable – select from a variety of recovery scopes depending on the type of disaster
  • Compliance – Automated compliance reporting to meet regulatory requirements
  • Flexible contract vehicle – tailored to your precise DR needs
  • ITIL Service Desk – Our team of professionals will handle your account in the event of a disaster and will make sure your data is up and running in the shortest possible time in accordance with your SLAF

“Celerity listened to the challenges the council was facing and worked with the internal team to develop a solution to improve the present DR capability, by reducing recovery point objective, recovery time objective, risk and cost. This resulted in greater efficiency and operational cost reduction for its disaster recovery and business continuity requirements.”

Local Government Organisation


Custodian BaaS

Guaranteed protection and continuous access to data



Proactive intelligent discovery, automation & orchestration from a single pane



Cost effectively keeping your software up to date, managed & compliant


Managed Service

Offload the operational management of your IT enviroment to reduce costs and redeploy your valuable people as assets


ITIL Service Desk

Maintain efficient & reliable operations with a single point of support for all vendors


Reporting & Business Analytics

Unleash The Value


Custodian DRaaS

Enterprise application security, protection, and disaster recovery with proactive backup strategies


Asset Management

Maintain audit readiness and compliance of your software estate



Detect, prioritise & manage security events and risks in real-time

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